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  1. New Print Layout for OR 1.1.x
  2. ACCESS DENIED for OR 1.1.x
  3. Stats
  5. OR Help Images
  6. google search
  7. Multiple sites - one database - one server
  8. Can I get some expert advice?
  9. where can i get the commercial add-ons ?
  10. Car mod? where is it?
  11. Need help! - Willing to pay $$
  12. MOD: Quick SQL Commands
  13. Latest Listings Mod
  14. Listing_browse New Layout with SOLD and Pending
  15. Need Help with paypal mod
  16. My Super Mail Form
  17. Can some please tell what I need to do?
  18. Temp File Viewer PLUS dell files
  19. Sql Question
  20. Using new Google's map service
  21. articles module
  22. Maps & Directions?
  23. A contact form
  24. How can I change the States?
  25. OR with all latest mods + addons
  26. Price Field Mod
  27. Skins????
  28. Two common.php files uk and euro all set up
  29. Image popup needed...searched forum already
  30. List of Available Mods
  31. A few questions possibly mods
  32. Listing meta description tag
  33. Open Realty Component for Mambo
  34. My price search.. (WARNING: PHP KNOWLEGE REQUIRED)
  35. Loading images into Flash mx Viewer
  36. Please help, I've messed up
  37. calculating image width slows output?
  38. help with virtual tour mod
  39. Virtual Tour Questions
  40. city search on front page
  41. Vtour Image Upload Errors.
  42. Send User/Agent Activation Email
  43. PayPal Module for 1.1.5b
  44. Vtour Error Msg
  45. random image or 1.1.x
  46. Property suite info mod?
  47. Activity Logs - remove files
  48. How create rating!???
  49. Transforming OR into a car dealership site
  50. multiple sort
  51. SEO mod
  52. Featured Listings sort order
  53. MOD for Commenting
  54. Second "Featured Listing"
  55. email form?
  56. Listing border query
  57. PHP MYSQL how
  58. Vtour Outlook Modification...
  59. Remove Email Password Submission at Login ??
  60. php design patterns & templating
  61. Browse listings by creation date by default
  62. Image Preloader for people using image swap on listingview.php
  63. MOdding ListView
  64. Adding extra data to sitemap
  65. Next and previous photo link
  67. Connection with GIS database system
  68. Image Viewer Using Flash and XML
  69. Yahoo Maps uses ZIP field not STATE field
  70. Previous / Next in listingview
  71. featured listing banner
  72. language
  73. display full_desc anywhere I want to? How?
  74. Home Value Comp
  75. virtual tour mod
  76. multi-calc question
  77. Need help with listing browse row height
  78. Closest listing to ZIP CODE
  79. help with image_resize_mod_159
  80. PayPal Problems
  81. ListingBrowse problem - spurious errors
  82. Search Title Field?
  83. Sold Mod
  84. Anyway to set OR to require that a photo be uploaded for each listing?
  85. I'm sure someone has managed to do this!
  86. image resize mod 159 - (Not resizing main image) Read all the forum, still have probs
  87. I need a page full of thumbnails, 20 or 30
  88. Has Anyone Gotten The Pay Pal mod to work?
  89. Easy to copy virtual tour link
  90. Currency Converter
  91. SOLD text added to image
  92. E-mail new user on sign-up
  93. Vacations Full Mod
  94. Stacked Criteria for Browsing
  95. MOD - Roommate Listings
  96. Deactivate / Reactivate listings?
  97. featured listings (show rooms/price)
  98. be able to use 2 currencies
  99. Help with Australian Listing Maps
  100. How do I use the virtual tour?
  101. Virtual tour
  102. Virtual tour
  103. Multiple Upload Settings
  104. possible to have different login features
  105. notifynewlisting.php - mailing out new listings daily instead of one at a time?
  106. Are these standard mods??
  107. How to call $price etc in latestListing
  108. Reservation Mod nearly complete - demo available
  109. Looking for a mod - User choose between English or Spanish
  110. MOD/ADDON for vacation rental calendar
  111. Open-Realty Module for XOOPS?
  112. New Listings (that match saved searches!) Email Alert MOD
  113. How can i create custom search pages?
  114. Sort Agents by Number of Listings
  115. Searching Virtual tour
  116. v-tour zoom level
  117. Mortgage Calculator Mod
  118. Changing thumbnail size in common.php
  119. CSV loader for 1.1.5b (and 2.0 with minor modification)
  120. View Google Maps in listingview.php
  121. Change the Language of your site free Spanish, German,ect.
  122. Multimaps UK Aerial photo as well as normal map
  123. User online with pags stats
  124. Brochure Mod - Realty book page
  125. Listingview MOD query using javascript for images
  126. Land lords and house owners
  127. CSV Loader (1.1.5b)
  128. Auto label for Listing with NO VIRTUAL TOUR
  129. WYSIWYG for 1.1.x?
  130. listing_browse sorting question
  131. Login Share?
  132. virtual tour button to redirect to url
  133. How Do I add a yahoo real estate school districts search on lisiting view?
  134. Neighborhood Information
  135. E-Mail Agent Help
  136. Strange entries on Log's while using java image change MOD
  137. Open House (or Openhouse) Calendar
  138. MD5 differences
  139. Virtual Tour - Universal Hotpots
  140. Categories and Subs Option?
  141. Featured Listings / Registered User
  142. Problem with Open-Realty Classes module
  143. Custom Search Fields
  144. Google map in listing page