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  1. Need a developer/with a good eye
  2. repost: Need developper to configure & cusomize OR
  3. looking for developer to fix the url issues in MamboOr
  4. Help with a layout
  5. Multi level location search needed
  6. Multi-Currency
  7. Quotes needed for Custom Work
  8. custom site
  9. Paid Work for Big Project
  10. OR Hosting Services
  11. Need OR website design/template.
  12. Need an OR site...
  13. OR Adding Template Work
  14. New to OR - Need Virtual Tour Templates building
  15. Logo Designer
  16. Open Realty Price Web Site
  17. URL with Anchor Text
  18. Vb.net
  19. Open Realty Customization
  20. Need help fine-tuning OR site
  21. Addon or Function for Editting Listings
  22. 1.14 ------ > 2.3 Template Converted (PAID WORK)
  23. htaccess, SEO work
  24. IDX Site Development Needed - FNIS (Fidelity)-based data
  25. Need an OR site for small office
  26. 2 addons: set expired listing to inactive / duplicate listing
  27. Page titles in cmsrealty
  28. Modification of kpearsons or pbflashs paypal addon
  29. OR site or template design
  30. Looking for someone to create a design for me
  31. Wrap my existing design around standard Open Realty
  32. Display search result and detail on non-OR site.
  33. Export to another Database
  34. Interface for individuals to add properties
  35. Need quote for work..
  36. Upgrade and addon installation
  37. script for parent/child sites DB sharing
  38. For rent by owner site..
  39. Priority Paid Support ???
  40. Modify listing details image direction
  41. Need help to fix searchengine url problem
  42. Still need someone to upgrade to latest OR
  43. DB help and upgrade to newer version
  44. Looking for person to upgrade for me
  45. JOINT: work requests RULES
  46. JOINT: Google Maps
  47. customize templates for or
  48. Show table comparison with search results
  49. Search Listings - Mod - Three columns instead of Two
  50. Search Result Ranking
  51. Need a Quote to do .wmv / .fla Virtual Tour Mod
  52. Shared and single Calendar events addon
  53. Form for individuals to post properties
  54. Upload data from Excel to Mysql on OR
  55. Need Quote For Update Web-site - Seedfile - Seo
  56. RFQ for Virtual Tour Addon/Template/Site
  57. All I want is a developer
  58. Need two addons
  59. Need designer/developer for a new site.
  60. Auto Posting to Craigslist & Backpage
  61. vieleRETS
  62. Custom Search, Results and Listing View Page
  63. EMAIL Notifications Addon
  64. Want to develop a new Open Realty site
  65. Modification Wanted - Search Result Relevance
  66. Portal like www.daft.ie
  67. I need some consulting. First time doing this! $$
  68. Database Import
  69. Paid Work: Need a designer/programmer to modify/refresh a site
  70. Paid: Mod-Rewrite & Wildcard Subdomains
  71. Paid: Template Design and Integration
  72. need basic pricing to set up OR into my web site
  73. Someone to intergrate template
  74. Need help, will pay
  75. $$ paid to design new open realty website
  76. property_class_checkboxes in the main.html
  77. MLS search on Microsoft SQL database within OR 2.3.4
  78. split classes into 3 check boxes
  79. Paid Open Realty Work
  80. I just installed an OR and am looking for somebody to help me with the design.
  81. Will pay: Need State, County and City + help installing it
  82. Payed work: need event calendar for every listing
  83. placement of images addon
  84. Webdesign???
  85. open realty web site
  86. OR Modifications Needed!!
  87. Looking for someone who's fast
  88. Uploading Video and playback window
  89. OR 2.3.6 Template customization -- paid work
  90. Please Help-Interactive Google Map Addon (USA&Canada)
  91. Need experience PHP Programmer for ongoing project
  92. Php/Mysql Work for Multi Currency Based Search
  93. Multiple-level Locations for search and listing creation
  94. Need help with Nexus between front-end of Site to OR
  95. PDF Listing display
  96. Custom Search Page
  97. Need to have Agent Page Edited -ASAP
  98. Need a programmer for realty site
  99. Search page work
  100. Smaller Job
  101. New Site Developed
  102. Developer for Jobs, Cars and Property Portal using Open Realty
  103. Need Someone To Integrate OR Into An Existing Site
  104. Need someone to create an Auto Template
  105. Google Checkout Integration
  106. Paid work - Upgrade from 1.1.5b to current version
  107. Template Monster template conversion
  108. Auto site wanted
  109. Addon for multiple language needed estimate
  110. need someone to connect the mls database to my site
  111. Need someone to install open realty on my site
  112. Looking For Good Coder.
  113. Import/Export-Modul
  114. Custom calculator set addon
  115. Paid work - upgrade from 2.0.8
  116. Need search feature upgraded as well as IDX frames setup.
  117. FCK Bug Fix Needed
  118. IDX interface
  119. Need a designer FSBO Addon
  120. need add on built
  121. need help will pay
  122. Need add'l field setup from/to db (somewhat like "featured listing")
  123. Need help urgent to finsih a joomla/openrealty site
  124. Open Realty Work
  125. Newbie - needing help
  126. Sub directory Agent Page, Will Pay
  127. phoogle maps search results coding help - will pay
  128. Customize Open Realty like irealtysoft.com
  129. 1 database Multiple Sites Add-On WILL PAY
  130. Need a site customising
  131. Need Four Realty Sites to be Designed...
  132. SEO Friendly URLS... domain/state/city/listingtitle-IDNumber.html
  133. Paid help required
  134. Good Project - Good Money
  135. Need Custom Search Page
  136. $20 to install Open Realty on apatpro.com
  137. assistance with new site
  138. openauto modification
  139. paypall addon with pclass packages (with upgrade from class to class)
  140. change outgoing emails
  141. Paid work for different tasks
  142. Need Real-Estate Web Site Designers
  143. Need help with simple addon - will pay
  144. Request for Quote
  145. Customization work - is anybody available?
  146. What I Think?
  147. Very simple CSS template
  148. Add On Development
  149. Company Addon
  150. Need Listings Package Addon
  151. How to incorporate senders IP addy in Contact Form?
  152. Need OR Skinned
  153. Paid Help Needed
  154. Export Feed for Open Realty Property Listing Component
  155. Help needed
  156. Search Results in a dropdown (Jump To)
  157. Make OR (A) Property Leader?
  158. Sub Agents
  159. Need a few specific add-ons...
  160. Custom Template Needed
  161. Install help?
  162. "Clon" a site
  163. Addon - featured listing template tag
  164. Listing Packages Help
  165. IDX Db sharing broker/agent
  166. Member addon
  167. RSS feed and/or XML feed
  168. Multiple Sites - Share Listings
  169. Pay for help
  170. looking for php programmer to make some modifcations to OR will pay $$$
  171. Paid Programmer Needed
  172. Development of CSv / XML bulk upload
  173. I am looking for someone to modify OR
  174. update of 2 sites and small changes
  175. Multiple Zip Codes per Listing
  176. Pay for Training
  177. Automobile mod or add on
  178. Top Rental Returns Site Work Request
  179. [Paid Job] Custom Quick Search on Welcome Site
  180. Export/Download User Data
  181. [Paid Job] Ability to upload pdf documents to a property
  182. User Classes
  183. Designers Wanted
  184. Community addition & VTour option
  185. Need 3 custom reports please (Paid Work)
  186. Import users from OR 2.0.8 to 2.4.3
  187. Transparent IDX addon...
  188. TransRETS timing out ...
  189. Paid work
  190. [PAID WORK] Little problem with javascript
  191. Looking For OR Freelancer
  192. Freelancer needed for tidying up my site
  193. Few mods Required
  194. Or Expert Needed For Continous Work
  195. [For Hire] Open Realty Expert Needed + IDX Manager
  196. xml Site FEED - $$ WORK NEEDED ASAP !
  197. [for hire] PHP/MySQL developer
  198. Open Realty Project
  199. Developer need to upgrade OR from 1.1.5 to current
  200. Needed ASAP configure OR 2.43
  201. Pull value, test and post gif in table cell
  202. Need Some Customization
  203. Pay for CSV loader
  204. Import XML property feeds
  205. [Paid Work:] New Open Realty Install, and Server Clean-Up of Prior Botched Install
  206. Quick Database copy/transfer
  207. Need Gallery Help
  208. Looking for Great Theme and Addons
  209. Paid Work - Addon Install Problems
  210. VieleRets 1.1.6 Rappatoni 1.5
  211. edit listing editor ASAP
  212. Open-Realty Work Forum Rules, Terms and Guidelines
  213. NON PayPal Addon
  214. Custom ADD ON
  215. Need Custom Work
  216. Metatags for Search Result Page..
  217. Customise my website
  218. Paid Work: Need help with listingview SQL, images, RSS for v.1.1.5
  219. Three Tier XML Select State>City>Neighbourhood
  220. Looking for Customiser in Australia for our site
  221. Need help to launch ASAP
  222. Advertising in OR listing section
  223. re: custom template required urgently
  224. 4 addons needed, take your pick
  225. Paid work - install OR and integrate into existing site
  226. Full Custom Site - UK Customer
  227. Addon Work Customazation needed
  228. Lead Generation Module Required for OR
  229. Need assistance programming template to our design
  230. Display Agents per office page(s)
  231. Need developer for Open Realty-Joomla- Several Immediate issues & ongoing Maintenance
  232. Person to install 1.1.5 to 2.4.4
  233. OR and CMS Realty help needed $$
  234. Upgrade from v.1.5.5. to v.2.4.4.
  235. Assistance needed repairing IDX feed
  236. Need OR display to look like this model
  237. Featured listing css
  238. OR and IDXManager EXPERT needed for AUDIT
  239. Paid Video Upload Addon
  240. Help with member notification
  241. Paid Help Needed ASAP
  242. have OR change property status once expiration date is reached
  243. Need Expert in Joomla and Open Realty 2.4.4 to finish Project Gone Bad!
  244. XML import script - willing to pay
  245. Need Rental Calculator
  246. Potential Project - Seeking Developers - Washington State/MLS based
  247. Paid Work - VieleRETS Configuration
  248. URGENT Help Needed
  249. Work for hire
  250. OpenImmo XML Import Script