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  1. Database Transfer
  2. Upgrade gone bad 1.1.5 to 2.4.4 Neep Help ASAP.
  3. Caribbean Real estate site
  4. Joomla - Edit Profile - Paid Work
  5. Make OR an Art Gallery
  6. URGENT PAID work for hire
  7. URGENT - I need help!
  8. Anybody from New Jersey, Delaware or Phladelphia area?
  9. My OR site needs a facelift - can you operate!
  10. Auction Add-in
  11. Export sql
  12. XML / CSV Import Routine Urgently Needed
  13. Take over maintenance of an OR based site.
  14. mailbox
  15. OR gadget - show last listings on other sites
  16. Upgrade Me..
  17. XML Upload Solution wanted
  18. $50 for small addon help
  19. Database Tables Restore - I need help
  20. I have 2 sites that use Open Realty and I need a developer to create a theme
  21. Addon needed (photos from URL in db) paid work
  22. Open House ADDON
  23. Need addon to selectively hide {link_map}
  24. help needed
  25. Develper Needed
  26. I am looking for a way to prevent abuse on a FSBO site
  27. Uplaod image and new listing at one time on one page
  28. Importing Point2 RSS feed into OR
  29. URGENTLY: DropDown property class and All Listing display - HomePage
  30. Help me figure out why this add-on tweak isn't working
  31. re: Urgent Please - XML Import into O-R 2.5 php 5
  32. Customization (New Features)
  33. Customize For Classic Car Classifieds
  34. Put current website into Monster Template
  35. Ancient OR Upgrade SQL Question / Help
  36. OR Help
  37. Printing or Removing CSS from Listing Detail
  38. Looking for help making MLS data available for Flash
  39. UMP template size to 1024
  40. Need to finish what was started
  41. Need work done quickly for rental site
  42. PAID: Open Realty Pro Required
  43. Paid Help Needed
  44. export to csv
  45. PAID: New install and site development
  46. OR Expert Needed
  47. Need OR Help!
  48. Images addon needed
  49. OR and IDX Manager help
  50. OR site from scrach
  51. OR upgrade work on offer
  52. Looking to Hire a coder
  53. Dynamic Search Version
  54. someone who can quickly mod the lightbox addon
  55. re: XML Import Feed Script Edit
  56. Bulk Upload Facility
  57. Open Realty Programmer
  58. OR Module or plugin for Expression Engine
  59. Amember or Authorize.net Integration with OR
  60. Script to process images.
  61. Quasi-Auction system
  62. VieleRETS and Rapattoni
  63. Looking for OR Programmer
  64. Looking for a OR programmer
  65. Open Realty / php / mysql programmer needed
  66. programmer required for featured listing mod
  67. Mailbox addon
  68. Ongoing project
  69. Chain Select for Add a listing
  70. Programmer needed to finish website
  71. announces insertion
  72. Urgent Work Needed
  73. add BRL reais currency
  74. Open Realty Installation and Customization
  75. Some Serious Customization!!
  76. Installation and Web Design/SEO Help Needed
  77. property management template
  78. 2 Sites, 1 host, 1 OR, 1 not OR??
  79. Design and Construction
  80. Automatic Save search addon
  81. Splitting up the Mail All Addon to send a certain amount of e-mails at a time
  82. New Flash based Virtual Tour
  83. PHP Script
  84. i am looking for a new web desgin
  85. Need quote on OR / TP integration
  86. webdesigner seeked
  87. Consume Zillow and Cyberhomes web services
  88. Looking to hire someone to teach me idx
  89. OR large project - look for bright fast Php / Ajax wiz
  90. Scrolling Pictures for Featured Listings
  91. Need listings display problem solved.
  92. Need ability to duplicate listings
  93. Site and Custom Template Design
  94. Joomla and cms and a template.
  95. Need help fixing up the template (Paid)
  96. Functional Requests
  97. Paid work for Addon Development
  98. install addons
  99. Paid work for Displaying template tags only on certain listings
  100. Modify existing site
  101. Need an Open-Realty Developer
  102. Need a developer to help with my site
  103. Need addon - export numbers (count) of listings per city, region, etc
  104. Convert the rounded Boxes to UMP
  105. Can someone help with installation, + U.M.P.
  106. Converting a template to OR
  107. OR experienced coder needed asap
  108. Site Updates and fixes needed
  109. Looking to hire for integrating open realty into existing site
  110. Simple? PHP Script required
  111. addon fix needed ASAP
  112. Simple tasks for the begining and may continue with other tasks
  113. Need data for testing
  114. coder needed for IDXManager data mods
  115. Paid Work to correct Price Search
  116. Need Or upgrade and other work done
  117. Need to Change site layout and make compliant
  118. Want to incorporate joomla 1.5 with OR
  119. Need Help Downloading OR
  120. Need some customization
  121. A few Addons needed
  122. Template Install & Configuration
  123. Lightbox Addon needed
  124. 'not authorized' error page with firewall on
  125. PDF Brochure Fixes!!!
  126. OR work - IDX feed and template modification
  127. I need help with a animal rescue site.
  128. Pair open houses with corresponding listings
  129. Old version upgrade needed
  130. Addons
  131. SEO work
  132. Script needed
  133. rss input feed into OR
  134. EMERGENCY-I like to hire someone to fix error I just got
  135. Customisation of open realty
  136. i need to show my site on search engines
  137. youtube addon with input file
  138. Admin Access Issues
  139. Need non-OR property db imported...
  140. We'd like to hire a PHP programmer who is very familiar with OR
  141. Customization or template on demand
  142. Need Agent Image addon
  143. Need help ASAP - Agency/Agent Name in separate resource.
  144. Install OR, plus addons and Template
  145. Need CMS Realty Install... ASAP
  146. SQL Assistance Required
  147. Upgrade installation work - request
  148. Client needs IDX
  149. Uploads
  150. Addons needed
  151. Open Realty Develper Needed for a ASAP Project
  152. open realty php programmer needed to modify code
  153. 2 text search box dependingon each other
  154. Addon Needed
  155. Not for a real estate site
  156. Need Open Realty, CMS Realty, Joomla Expert
  157. Custom template conversion
  158. Need OR-generated pages templated
  159. 2 keywords search addon
  160. Addon needed for IDX site
  161. adding ajax2combo in new/edit listing
  162. Need to hire for integrating install into current design
  163. Integrating realtyware with OR
  164. PayPal Subscription Script - Charities Edition
  165. Cash Job: Wanted Custome Template, Please Quote Me
  166. design template conversion
  167. Member Signup form spam
  168. PHP/MySQL help $$$
  169. Custom OR Worked Needed
  170. Will pay for someone installing and making this work...
  171. Getting started with Open Realty
  172. Installation of open-realty and add-ons
  173. Someone in mex?
  174. Looking for an OR / PHP /MYSQL Programer
  175. Site help
  176. Installation and set up rates/charges + compatibilty?
  177. Latest listings from specified agents addon needed!
  178. custom price search using set values
  179. Delete photos
  180. upload offer/document to listing
  181. Custom Paypal addons
  182. Schedule System
  183. Open Reality Install + minor template customisation
  184. Install, Template, and more
  185. Addon imghighslide Upgrade
  186. agents duplicate listings
  187. Events Calendar per user + shared calendar
  188. Adding additional 5 users
  189. Basic help
  190. Feature Listing Removal
  191. Midwest Florida MLS Planet Realtor and the photo problem
  192. Open House add-on Modifications
  193. Looking for some help with IDX Manager
  194. custom page
  195. bid for lead capture system
  196. Need basic OR help from the start
  197. Help fixing RETS install
  198. Anyone want a simple install and templet job?
  199. MLS listings will not download to my server
  200. CMS Realty and Joomla
  201. Please price for openrealty addoninstall
  202. rates for vacation rental
  203. Transparent rets install OR update
  204. Account customization and listings on external pages
  205. Install OR
  206. Help migrating to the new host
  207. Wanted - OR Developer
  208. Booking Engine Needed
  209. Share Listings
  210. Open-Realty set up and support
  211. Need Fields for Images
  212. show listings outside of OR by neighborhood
  213. Price quote? Few features I would like.
  214. Need Help Finishing a Project
  215. Two AddOns - Need Help with
  216. Linking to other classes
  217. UMP Template design
  218. Price for tidying up listing_detail_default.html
  219. Price please for addon ajax calender
  220. Request for phone conference to discuss scope of work
  221. Need help configuring and adapting to non-real estate (educational) listing/will pay
  222. single sign on with facebook connect
  223. Rightmove feed
  224. Agent Templates
  225. Looking for someone to upgrade my site from version 2.3.6
  226. Custom addon to be able to display movies and autocad into listing detail pages
  227. twitter updater
  228. OR - CMS Realty - Joomla
  229. Addon for feature listing slide and better image display
  230. mod for agents to be able to add listings
  231. Calendar Addon needed
  232. $100 to the person who can create a paypal addon for me.
  233. Webdesigner nodig voor het maken van een makelaar/hypotheek site
  234. IDX Manager Configuration Needed
  235. Need a contact form for my Listings within OR that will populate the subject with MLS
  236. upload listings to other (Openrealty) websites
  237. Easy Bookings
  238. $100 for script requesting info from visitor
  239. Export selected searcresults to the Excel file (or .csv)
  240. FSBO Site
  241. Website of realestate
  242. Hiring someone to setup my Joomla CMS Realty and Open realty installation
  243. OR and TransparentRETS installed...Paid work to clean up and optimize site
  244. Copy Tables
  245. How much would you charge to fix each of these things?
  246. Install and Clone of my other OR site.
  247. Need cleaning up Listing Detail Template & Layout of Print Friendly Page
  248. I need programmer help
  249. Programming Help - 2 sites.
  250. Looking for someone to do some site clean up and improvement