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  1. Need Open Realty Help
  2. Need help with Open Realty site
  3. I need integration for OR/CMS/Joomla + IDX/RETS.
  4. Looking for quote
  5. OR 3.O template design, installation and/ or maintenance
  6. Change Apache mod_rewrite to Zeus
  7. Latest OR 2, some template modifications, functions described in post
  8. Site modification
  9. Request custom template
  10. implementing icepay in openrealty
  11. need designer etc
  12. Open Realty Developer Needed
  13. Need a Japanese Version
  14. search by listing_title
  15. Looking for help getting a site back up after an upgrade
  16. Seeking Developer for OR Site
  17. PHP script(s) needed to import RETS based MLS agent informaiton and map to OpenRealty
  18. proficient OR add on developer wanted
  19. programmer wanted to make some changes.
  20. Open House Help Needed
  21. Looking for a service provider to complete my web project OR
  22. Availability calendar for a multi unit rental site
  23. Contact Form Add-On Needed
  24. Contact Form Problem!
  25. Need help upgrading from UMP Version 2.5.8 to OR version 3
  26. update open realty 2.5.8 template to newest version
  27. Need help fixing validation errors ASAP
  28. Need advanced slide show created for listing detail page.
  29. chained select in add or edit listing addon
  30. Open-Realty Developer Needed
  31. Quotes required for a custom addon.
  32. Secondary site using one database/Transparent RETS
  33. TransparentRETS add-on needed for multiple site distribution
  34. Custom Template Needed...
  35. Work on Crystalx 3.0.X 87
  36. Need additional classes imported from RETS server
  37. Need Some Help - Quote For Work Please
  38. Making the calendar addon "bookingcal" work on OR 3.1.2
  39. Creative Web Development Needed HotelsForSale.com
  40. Help! Web Developer needed
  41. Easy job...easy money for you :)
  42. Need Help Implent the iWebKit5 to the Site (OR3 newest version)
  43. New England OR Developer Needed
  44. Template for open realty
  45. Professional Help to Get Started
  46. Addon Developer needed: feature latest blog posts on other pages
  47. Site like rent.com
  48. UK Yacht sales OR site needs XML Mates feed in and out (Like MLS for real estate)