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  1. Paid Work, Request
  2. Looking for site design/template plus installation
  3. Designer / Programmers Available For Work
  4. I need some help here
  5. place open realty backend into existing site
  6. place open reality backend into existig site
  7. Redesign website quote please?
  8. Quote for complete website
  9. what kind of prices do you guys charge for a OR site?
  10. Realestate and Property Management Website
  11. I need a rental and sales website
  12. I need someone to restore a database for me.
  13. Work Post Requirements:
  14. listing_browse
  15. Here to serve
  16. I need help setting up
  17. Great Idea
  18. Pay for Install with Sql_menu Mod
  19. Need minor Mods for new Website
  20. need help importing 125 properties
  21. I Need A New User View Page...
  22. I need this customization
  23. I recommend RealtyOne for any work you have
  24. Need Custom Design?
  25. I need a quote
  26. Fixing listingsearch.php and ...
  27. Need Small MOD - Will Pay $$ [CLOSED]
  28. Need minor customization on listingview.php ASAP will $$$
  29. Quote/Help
  30. update database from ? to newest : quote
  31. Need customization for new FSBO site
  32. How much to
  33. Replace non-OR listing system
  34. Modify userview.php to show another field instead of title
  35. Estimate for Real Estate portal
  36. mls import
  37. Electronics, Cable OR Site. US$280
  38. Request for Customization
  39. I need coder to install calendar on "Book An Appointmen
  40. Small MOD - display listing_number on listings_edit [SOLVED]
  41. Need to setup WichitaHomeRentals.com
  42. Quote on solving db connection errors
  43. template integration
  44. Need to start soliciting bids for custom project
  45. Need custmized site
  46. Show an agents listings on userview.php
  47. Completed Sites For Sale
  48. Rental Site Needed
  49. Will pay for import script.
  50. Need a Custom Site-ASAP
  51. RHX-case (Another Similar Software GPL)
  52. I Need A Developer
  53. Work needed to be done
  54. Paid Work, Need to be done
  55. Need Auto Specific Mods
  56. various tweaks and changes
  57. Import XML
  58. Looking for mod for canadian mls import
  59. paid work next week
  60. Looking for a pro to change template editor
  61. Looking for help to integrate OR in running site
  62. Need someone to get me the rest of the way
  63. Someone help me please
  64. Graphic artist needed
  65. Mls Intergration
  66. Work$$: rental site
  67. Simple quick job
  68. JOB- Upload documents in images page
  69. Customer Recommendation
  70. Need gun for hire right now.
  71. Paid work required on open realty
  72. Flash Integration
  73. collecting/grabbing several web listings to one OR
  74. Recommendation - Read About Great Member: Ican
  75. Need estimate
  76. Quote to install basics on server
  77. Estimate
  78. Installation + mod installation + change
  79. sight design request
  80. Paid work required -simple request-
  81. Site Repair Needed
  82. Yet nother qoute :)
  83. More than a job... a partnership!
  84. Currency change problem
  85. OR customization wanted (paid)
  86. Contract work for my site
  87. Request Quote
  88. mls form idea
  89. Thanks ican...
  90. Template Upgrade Needed
  91. Rets
  92. Something different to do :D
  93. Help Wanted: For Rent site..
  94. install and other small projects
  95. Quote Request: Template change and functionality
  96. Quote & Can it be done?
  97. Free theme designs for agents/ realtors or estate agents
  98. I would like to hire someone to work on my Open Realty site...
  99. few things to be done...
  100. Need Assistance with New Site
  101. Need Errors Fixed - Looking to Hire Someone
  102. need a quote
  103. Admin > Change "ID Search" to "REF Search"
  104. How much to install this on my server? (Too dumb to do it myself)
  105. custom work....
  106. Feasibility and quote for adding MLS/IDX to template design
  107. Does anyone want to help me?
  108. edit listing bug - i pay
  109. cookie redirect for languages
  110. Import from Offut Innovia MLS - Please Help
  111. Looking for OR Developer(s) - Custom Site
  112. multilingual real estate site
  113. Dynamic Form Object
  114. Wanted: Someone to build a Real Estate Search Site
  115. I want O-R to do this
  116. Looking for PHP programmer/developer
  117. Template Switcher Install
  118. Template completion and OR customization job
  119. Design Help Needed.
  120. What can OR do?
  121. IDX-to-open realty conversions
  122. template
  123. Help
  124. Template conversion
  125. OR templater/photoshopper wanted!
  126. Looking for MLS importing script.
  127. Online Poker Room Finder
  128. Open Realty Implementation
  129. Template off existing site
  130. Comprehensive List
  131. Looking for a days work from Somebody
  132. Mod for latest Beta
  133. OR and email updates?
  134. Install/custom Open-Realty site
  135. Flash Intro Work
  136. Hiring Template Creator
  137. Stats Mod
  138. Thumbnails problem
  139. Price field - search changes
  140. work needed for working commercial realestate site
  141. new OR database
  142. Work needed: Credit card payment (via paypal)
  143. Can OR be made to do this...
  144. Basic work needed
  145. rental booking calendar integration, need help
  146. MLS access?
  147. Hi, novice seeks a little help.
  148. vacation rental framework
  149. Admin/Agent Edit Listings Mod Needed
  150. Looking for options to set up a site using OR
  151. Serious work opportunity
  152. notifynewlisting.php - mailing out new listings daily instead of one at a time.
  153. any Rental sites for sale?
  154. Freelancers? Open house module and layout
  155. wanted, any1 with nucleus experience
  156. Conversion to OR needed
  157. c21 site - For Sale
  158. bunch of work needed
  159. integrate leads system
  160. optional logo/image in listing and search pages
  161. Looking for help with the listings page
  162. Need a modification ASAP
  163. Property Owner/Landlord module
  164. $ Paid - Need Fast/Professional Temple With Mods
  165. Need template designed. $$$
  166. OR v2 featured listing mod
  167. User Configurable Page Layout
  168. Seeking Flash Designer
  169. Mod for notify new listing
  170. Search results code
  171. Looking for contacts
  172. Freelance Professional Photographer
  173. Some work $$$
  174. XML Export work needed
  175. need SEO of php realty site $$$
  176. Real Estate Site With Paid Listings
  177. Printable Propery List - a prnitable version of 'search results' - Paid work
  178. Custom Work Needed... SEO and Custom Database Work
  179. Show number of items on the nav bar
  180. Looking for Someone to make Paid Alterations to OR for me
  181. Maillist Signup Feature
  182. Realty Website needed
  183. Re; help with OR installation/modification
  184. work needed asap
  185. Custom work needed - maybe
  186. Need to add idx multiple listing feed
  187. notifynewlisting modification
  188. Rent-a-car system needed
  189. Custom work: Configuration and Complex CSV inporting
  190. seeking someone to install OR
  191. Multiple sites using one OR database
  192. slight mod and color changes
  193. Whats a good MLS?
  194. Help Needed
  195. Rental Site Request
  196. Will MLS Data work out of the box with open Realty
  197. hiring for two things
  198. slow database problems urgent cash waiting
  199. Featured Listings - Urgent
  200. Search form!!!!!!
  201. Needed
  202. Need hosting and custom IDX integration with OR
  203. Need developer(s); PHPlist, RSS, OR
  204. Layout of the Seach form via add-on
  205. "Most recent" add-on
  206. Money for Auto (ie - Car) Mod
  207. seeking someone to update OR
  208. Custom Template
  209. New template switcher addon.
  210. Need help w/ OR 2.x - Different Search Results
  211. Need Credit Card Add On
  212. Featured Listings Classes / Categories
  213. Privat Listings
  214. Self Design Or Template
  215. Paid Work
  216. Thumbnail to preview property on user's listing page
  217. Need New Website w/ IDX
  218. need 1.5 template modifed for 2.5
  219. Delete Verification Popup Needed
  220. display featured listing only from a certain city and listings with a true picture
  221. Large Agency Website
  222. Basic customization wanted
  223. WTB: Take current site and create template
  224. Slow and/or no results using search
  225. Create a motorbike dealer listing page
  226. SEO for listing_next_prev links
  227. mods to Joomla/OR
  228. I need the ability to asign listing to multiple agents ($$$)
  229. Complete site/install work wanted minus Graphics
  230. I've created a site and want it converted to OR
  231. Major Modifications to Open Realty Site Needed
  232. Looking for a OR developer
  233. Need Developer in Atlanta, GA Area
  234. Open realty - Yacht rental website
  235. Locations outside the USA
  236. Admin - Sort Listings by Title
  237. 2 column layout for search results
  238. anyone looking for work installing a template?
  239. Image resize
  240. I am willing to pay someone to custom build a template for my site
  241. Looking for custom quote...
  242. Willing to pay for customization
  243. Customization
  244. Port across from....
  245. template conversion to OR 2.2
  246. Graphic Designer seeks Programmer
  247. Seeking advice
  248. Hiring a developer for one day task
  249. Landlord Management Admin Module
  250. Help for OR customization