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  1. Changing paths on a temporary install
  2. Listing Image problem
  3. 500 error after move
  4. Internal mail service for existing agents... Any idea or suggestions?
  5. Configuring CMS Realty Configuration /settings
  6. Internal Server Error
  7. Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated error
  8. New installation - Function eregi() is deprecated in error
  9. How do I uninstall Open.Reality from my Local Host
  10. Upgraded needed?
  11. Search function suddenly does not work
  12. Main Java Rows Thumbnail click returns to main image?
  13. You must set an administrative email address in the site configuration before you can
  14. In admin I can't browse other listings or agents that first 10...
  15. Can't get past the "Setup Database Connection" stage of the installation
  16. Where Can I Get Version 2.58?
  17. divide by 0 after upgrade to 2.5.8
  18. SEO urls not working
  19. Help Needed
  20. Contact form: How to use a specific email address as the "from" email?
  21. great schools
  22. Stop OR applying WYSIWYG to Textarea tag?
  23. Limiting the number of listings when notifying users of new listings
  24. How to upgrade to a vesion higher than 2.4.4 OpenRealty?
  25. Site Crashes IE8
  26. Sort listings by id in site backend
  27. About price list
  28. Can't log in
  29. Upload image blank page but uploads in directory
  30. A question of the year
  31. Arrange a viewing email not working
  32. PHP code in the edit_listings.html template
  33. OR258 installation perfect, errors in view agents and view all listing
  34. Sort by in results not working right?
  35. Need 2.8 installation files
  36. Moving to a new host - almost there ;) need help
  37. Another moving host issue
  38. PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 77316796
  39. Your addon directory is not writeable
  40. Listings Editor Order
  41. Edit listings error
  42. Where to find which Version
  43. 'Agent View' of template without branding
  44. alt tags for agents images
  45. Remove 'Company Name' in contacting agent
  46. ipower is host... the error is PHP ZIP Functions
  47. Blog Editor
  48. How to adjust the spacing between the horizontal featured listings?
  49. "Hits" Count not working
  50. Blog Summary Not Working
  51. All uploaded pdf files have error message
  52. Page layout problem
  53. Edit text on agent sign up form version 2.58
  54. Make email contact on listing page default to admin?
  55. SQL Error showing up out of nowhere
  56. problem replicating installation
  57. 2.5.8 Moved to New Server Need Help ASAP
  58. Failed to connect to license server, please contact technical support for assistance
  59. Install in Preview DNS?
  60. the_sandking look here...
  61. Won't connect to DB?
  62. Database help...
  63. Links broken on Move Installation
  64. Moved to new host, Links not working
  65. Warning: require_once(/include/misc.inc.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open
  66. Search Order Results
  67. Add/Modify property classes in UMP
  68. 500 Internal server error.
  69. 500 Internal server error
  70. Will Open Realty 2.5.8 run on PHP 5.3.x