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  1. FYI: remove "Save This Search" button for users not signed in.
  2. TinyMCE in listing editor
  3. ***Read Me First***
  4. LogIn Form - Rewritten with semantics,accessibly & prettiness in mind
  5. Removing line breaks between thumbs in {listing_images}
  6. REFINE SEARCH RESULTS Modifcations to search.inc
  7. Admin Template Redesign
  8. Edit listings template tags on another page
  9. Add a css class to {Contact_Agent}
  10. Template slideshow problem
  11. Email CC; functionality
  12. UPDATE default_en_listingsdbelements ???
  13. BestPlaces
  14. adding fixed fields in searches
  15. How to change subject in Agent Contact form
  16. change multiple selection field in add listing admin
  17. Featured ID
  18. how to sort field elements not alphabetically
  19. Correcting "notification" options, in versions PRIOR to 2.5.7
  20. Rounding Prices in Min-Max Set-up...
  21. stuck on a programming template display problem
  22. a little core file question
  23. when a new listing is added ... how to change the destination link..
  24. Please Help - email notications won't work despite sandbox fix
  25. Different search results limit per class?
  26. Redirecting members after login and logout - Half way there, assistance required
  27. Modify Search Fields Table Layout
  28. Add message to Contact Agent
  29. .htaccess + RewriteRule + core modifications
  30. Slideshow Image Count (listings_details)
  31. Forgot Password Redirect to Admin Page
  32. Dependant City/State Fields in Add/Edit Listing
  33. Sorry! This listing is no longer available.
  34. TinyMyce in add listing adds extra <p> tag
  35. "perhaps you were look for something else?"
  36. Edit All Listings - Admin Sort
  37. Min/max hard coded values
  38. Sort ID DESC in Admin section
  39. How to get a copy of "email a friend" email
  40. can google read inactive listing?
  41. Dynamic Alt Tags on Search Results Page
  42. text box restrictions
  43. Friendly URL
  44. how to add a nofollow to links in sort area
  45. field order on Add listings and agent sign up
  46. Add Tinymce to Listing page
  47. Customize Next_Prev Listing with zip and city data!
  48. Where to change form title appearance length?
  49. < being converted automatically to &lt;
  50. Min-Max pulldowns on same line
  51. Delete Listing
  52. Fix for Checkbox Distinct Values OR Logic
  53. two text search boxes
  54. editing {slideshow_images} - which file?
  55. New Blog OR: 2.5.7
  56. Making main_image_java Clickable
  57. custom signup form
  58. next_prev (wont display previous pages)
  59. Admin options in the main body?
  60. Title Field in Add Listing Template
  61. URL causing error in .htaccess?
  62. Re: New listing notification
  63. Bug 2.5.7 listing.inc.php
  64. Temporary relief for us admin panel designers. Attaching classes (etc) via jQuery
  65. Letting agents see the "edit page" link. Was this change I made safe?
  66. listing field tags
  67. Using different page styles for each property section
  68. Email Listing Notification - question
  69. Listing ID on Featured Page
  70. Why duplicate Post codes, lat longs etc?
  71. Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated
  72. listing_images_java with Javascript disabled
  73. slideshow open thickbox?
  74. {isfavorite} tag for Featured listing and Search listing sections
  75. {next_prev} tag for blog_index.html template.
  76. Modify login.inc.php
  77. Change the layout of add/edit listing
  78. Customize image display
  79. Last name is not required??
  80. Slideshow of featured listings
  81. Change In Reference to Listing #3 to In reference to <Community Name>
  82. Newest Blog Post On Top
  83. Removing the "This Listing In Not Active"
  84. redirect after login
  85. insert signup info into 2 databases on same server
  86. Add / Edit Listings... automatic Lat & Long lookup
  87. Redirect after Signup?
  88. Mod to propertyclass.inc
  89. Serach page Pagination
  90. question setting up second site with OR database
  91. Help Editing the Subject in contact agent popup using contact.inc
  92. Help making contact agent popup always email the site admin not the listing agent
  93. Search Results - {search_result_dataset}{/search_result_dataset}
  94. url displaying customized fields by tags
  95. logout redirect to last page viewed
  96. Put the same email to all agents
  97. Creating a Custom PageID
  98. Custom Create Listing Page
  99. Google map in your pages by raw field
  100. PHP Templates instead of HTML template
  101. Vtour Rotation Speed Adjustment
  102. Share listings between multiple agents
  103. Blog Keywords and Description dont show
  104. Lost password error msg displayed on admin page
  105. Please Help Please.....
  106. Fix for slideshow image sizing
  107. NEw User Group
  108. remove titles in listings
  109. Agent can post/edit blog?
  110. modification to allow comments on listing detail page
  111. add a listing page
  112. Edit admin forms: I know its not recommended
  113. Heres one for the java meisters
  114. Search Result logic
  115. are there any posibilities select chain field on add/ edit listing page?
  116. How to show rentals that are let in rental Searches
  117. password protected projects for clients
  118. request for putting CSS tag into core file: images.inc.php
  119. Getting photo error when running 2 sites and 1 database
  120. Recommended Redirection after login
  121. Remove space/+ from url for seo rewrites
  122. show all Listings but no the feature ones and also no one of the classes
  123. Eliminate Feature listings from {random_listings_horizontal}
  124. How to display all listings of a given class directly from main screen button
  125. Contact form - Email Subject
  126. second site, primary database, template issues
  127. Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /heerey/include/misc.inc.php