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  1. I registered for the FREE version but I cannot download it yet
  2. Will Flash installation be part of the new CMS?
  3. Done busted featured listings...
  4. Is it multilingual?
  5. Where to post 3.0 bugs? - I might found one
  6. RSS Feeds not working
  7. OR 3.0 install problem
  8. Pre purchase questions
  9. OpenEstate´s Immo-Tool
  10. Featured Picture Size
  11. CSS not Loading in Admin Area
  12. Turkish Language and VRBO cloning
  13. 503 Service Unavailable
  14. Open Realty 3.0 Syndication links not woring
  15. Contact agent without becoming a member v 3.0.0
  16. Search - yep been asked 100 times but....
  17. How do I get Promotional Code for download OR 3
  18. Core & Satelite Sites
  19. Installed v3.0.1 and can't change template in admin area
  20. Evaluating Software-CRM capability?
  21. Anyone have directions for vvideo.zip with latest version
  22. Can access to contact agents be controlled in the following ways?
  23. Slideshow large image size display problem
  24. Multiple Listing Field search
  25. Delete property images
  26. update button graphic missing in admin page editor
  27. bug in page editor
  28. OR3 - holiday rentals - display bookings ?
  29. Dear Open-Realty Teem, please help me for OR V3
  30. Place Listing Information to your Blog Post
  31. search results image thumbnail still linking to pic instead of listing detail page
  32. Page Editor Issues
  33. Installation Problem - Stuck at Step 5
  34. Installation Problem - Stuck at Step 6
  35. How to deliver an online confidentiality statement
  36. Completed Install on a New Free Host But....
  37. Database Access?
  38. Two Fatal error
  39. order in the drop down menu for the item template editor field
  40. Deleted listing in admin on demo site
  41. Slideshow Image Captions and Descriptions
  42. unable to update property class
  43. Need mouseover on Listing images please
  44. Search function not working
  45. {quick_edit_bar} is it templated? can we modify it?
  46. Open-Realty 3 Free Version
  47. Website Not Displaying
  48. Problem at Step 5
  49. Any body help me for downloading OR3 free version
  50. Seller leads - collecting new listing info - addon? SugarCRM?
  51. Webpage Header Banner
  52. Free Licence - Multiple Domains
  53. edit css link in listing.inc.php
  54. image link on search_result_box.html
  55. page editor strips tags
  56. Zend Optimizer not installed
  57. How can I make # of latest listings to show different from # of featured listings?
  58. Lead Form
  59. Errors from Migration
  60. Spanish translation
  61. Cant Install or Upgrade
  62. v3.03 Blog
  63. Upgrade Question
  64. New Tip!!! - Facebook Like / Recommend Button
  65. robots.txt unreachable
  66. Adding Polish language
  67. New install v3.0 ok for two days, then it crashed.
  68. Can not edit feature option in admin
  69. Change template
  70. Hard coded language?
  71. How do I change the currency
  72. Some tags don´t work in my or 3.X
  73. How to edit email files ??
  74. MB String setting
  75. Does add listing for OR 3 work for people that use IE7?
  76. Setting up apclass specific directory page
  77. popgallery don't work on v3.4
  78. Field name
  79. License and local host question
  80. listing_field_FIELDNAME_value in SEO tags doesn't work
  81. Does any one have Idea on enabling user registrations
  82. listing_agent_field
  83. Does any one have Idea on integrating Openreality with Other CMSs
  84. recommended method for integrating external module
  85. Http_x_forward_for
  86. Access Prof Ed Forum
  87. Each State has It's Own Featured Listings - Is Possible?
  88. How to upgrade OR from 3.0.3 to 3.0.6?
  89. Where are the paid OR 3.X Templates?
  90. Is it possible to make the view listing page, the index page?
  91. Sitemap not being generated
  92. OpenRealty issue
  93. Agent Photo - 'Photo Not Available'
  94. View Agent listings with MLS ID
  95. Sitemap lastmod times are 1969... for listings
  96. hard code popup with template tag
  97. IE-ISSUES Featured Listings Vertical gone sideways and OR 3.0.5 Admin display issues
  98. Export database results to a non-joomla website with own database
  99. Pulling agent's email address to listing page
  100. Unable to install
  101. Cyrillic problem in OR 3
  102. All Links Display as IP Address, Not the Name
  103. SEF URLs
  104. Problems with Twitter Integration
  105. Open Immo Tool
  106. Checkbox to search for my listings only
  107. How to remove the > before a menu item?
  108. version3.0 Licence
  109. Agents writing "poems" in the latitude / longitude fields
  110. Server Error
  111. Deleted admin from the user menu; no longe can log in
  112. Wont save admin changes
  113. A user I *didn't* create just showed up this morning!!!
  114. Search on Main page
  115. Listing of the month
  116. Can't access General Help - Professional Edition
  117. DEMO page 's BUG
  118. guest and member only search to-let and for sold property
  119. Contact Form w/o membership requirement for O-R 3.0.x
  120. Map Settings: Google Map
  121. Is there a way to have two {random_listings_vertical} tags?
  122. Is there a tag for a rotating random image?
  123. Search range with numbers and letters inside the filed to be searched?
  124. 500 Server Error
  125. RSS feed problems
  126. how to display last 10 listings on the main page?
  127. Passing search values to another page inside an addon
  128. feat by class horizontal?
  129. Listing page, agent image, if/else statement
  130. No captcha in 2.5.8
  131. Need help categorizing featured listings according to relevent page
  132. Only Display Random Listings w/Images
  133. Photos uploading, but not displaying
  134. Security code not working
  135. unwanted page breaks in editor
  136. contact agent captcha error
  137. Have to repeatedly 'reissue license'
  138. API Docs not available?
  139. Show only a part of {listing_title}, show only a part of any field, everywhere
  140. Static Header on Blog
  141. RSS lastmod & featured listings show same date of last modify listing
  142. Fake agents being added somehow
  143. Where to download Pro Version
  144. Need help populating listing photo and state
  145. change colour of 'more info' on listings
  146. Doesnt work recent blog on blog index page.??
  147. Listing issue - both in site and admin
  148. url_member_signup tag not working?
  149. Admin notifications not received
  150. After upgrading to version 3.0.11 Slidehow shows 1 image less than uploaded
  151. Very Slow Load Time When Using {random_listings_horizontal}
  152. archiving instead of deleting listings
  153. Is there a Google maps tie in to Open Realty or MLS?
  154. Contact Form
  155. A few questions about the product
  156. Problem: Error displayed at bottom of each page
  157. "Show only listings with images" returns "no results"
  158. Adding users to OR database
  159. Change page title on loan calculators
  160. E-Mail Config all Weird
  161. Features on Open Realty 3
  162. search form fields tag
  163. I Messed Up the Admin of Site
  164. Is the following possible in OR?
  165. limiting access to view listings
  166. **Newbie Alert**
  167. listing field button to update
  168. Date Range Search Error
  169. Upgrade Issues
  170. format text in description
  171. weird look on listing pages
  172. HELP with editing pages
  173. little red check marks
  174. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '&', expecting ']' in ....on line 57
  175. question about deleting files
  176. making listings featured - SOLVED
  177. adding script to function in the
  178. login link
  179. Problem with license
  180. tag question
  181. Whats happened to the documentation
  182. Agent Image
  183. php include
  184. making 3 diferent signup forms
  185. Is there a template page for email a friend
  186. Why doesnt property type show in IE8
  187. search form
  188. Users deleted
  189. Bug report
  190. Is there a read more tag for the OR3 blog
  191. Slideshow - max height?
  192. Does anyone remember this
  193. Verification Code
  194. SEF URLS / .htaccess
  195. Problems to browse pictures & newbie questions
  196. Please help asap.. missing a ')' on line 170 Display.Template.php
  197. Sort Order - Ascending and descending
  198. Page title problem
  199. Best way to Mass Edit Listings?
  200. Moving License from one domain to another without downtime. How?
  201. Can I remove /open-realty/ from my website URL?
  202. rss_blog_posts
  203. sef installation
  204. License is valid for about a day and then not
  205. w3 validation errors
  206. Help with Template Tags
  207. License Tag - Significant Slow Loading in IE
  208. 301 permanent redirect
  209. Where to put Google Analytics?
  210. A quick IDX/frame question.
  211. installing OR 3xx
  212. errors Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  213. Delete unwanted text field
  214. Admin "My Listings" gives SQL Error Message
  215. License issue.
  216. After moving a 100% working site i get error 500
  217. Changing the size of the box that displays the files that you want to upload
  218. installed open-realty through cpanel
  219. shared database / synchronise listings between different OR databases
  220. OR will not format price.
  221. narrow search results to one listing agent
  222. Changing the diaolouge in the email verification notices..
  223. rss latest feeds not working
  224. Listing details not displaying everything
  225. Can't Search Subdivisions/Communities Correctly
  226. contact form
  227. Images
  228. Moderated
  229. Random rotation
  230. Can't find files - lazuli template
  231. Powered by tag removed error BUT the tag is there
  232. Install OR on 2 pc's?
  233. Control Where the Search Results Get Displayed
  234. Adding quick search to a non-OR page.
  235. Listing details displayed twice
  236. Partial Text Match not working in OR 3.0.12
  237. tool tip doesn't work in OR 3.0.12 new install
  238. Customised Search Form
  239. Next_Back bar displays on first listing and then disappears
  240. Trouble getting the SEO listing URLs to work
  241. page_link_#
  242. User Login
  243. {files_listing_vertical} in listing template not displaying files.
  244. Double Bars Showing on Display Between Multiple Values
  245. Hosting?
  246. NextPrev bar disappears
  247. Date Parse
  248. Small issue with template in OR3 that worked in 2.x
  249. How to add a third features column
  250. Setting Login Cookie