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Denver Dave
01-31-2003, 02:46 PM
There are some who look at the code and know exactly how it works. Others don't want to look and don't care to study it. ... and some of use want to understand how thinks work - perhaps to understand and perhaps to make modifications, but have come to realize we don't understand how some things work. If there are others studying the code, perhaps we can share some insights. This thread has to do with admin/listings_edit.php - any insights you care to share?

Motivated by the need to have a more concise list of listings to be edited, I've created a listings_edit2.php and about line 352 or so, I've started attempting to make one table with one line per listing rather than 2 lines and a space and a table for each - makes scanning for listings tedious.

Well a few whacks and copies and the detail lines are an improvement - granted the colors need some adjustment. However, there must be a session variable or something which I'm now not passing properly, because the call to edit a listing results in a login screen which will not work until log out and in again. "Sometimes in life I think I have a clue, but then I realize I am mistaken.".

Noted: pretty clever coding allowing for customization.

Denver Dave
02-05-2003, 08:51 PM
Sorry for answering my own post, but I thought this would be more clear. I discovered that I shot myself in the foot by naming the selected item for user_name $user_name which apparently conflicts with the the variable for the logged in user - changed to $agent and fine.