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04-10-2007, 10:58 PM
Open-Realty 2.4 is available.

Check the download page to see the FULL changelog.


Please read the Install Guide for installation and upgrade instructions:


Release Notes:

This release is the first of the 2.4 versions. There are several new features in this version from the previous 2.3.x series and we have many more new features planned for the 2.4.x series. We did not get a chance to get all the new features we were hoping to into this 2.4 release due to some problems with ADODB and PHP 5.x which refocused our attention to updating ADODB and testing the new version.

NEW FEATURES AND BUG FIXES (Partial list see changelog for full list):
- Templating of Listing Editor Main List
- There are now search box options that use 'OR' logic options in addition to the base 'AND' logic for the Option List, Checkbox and Distinct List search boxes
- Editing image captions, descriptions and orders is no longer requires you to edit each image's settings individually.
- Config option to limit the number of search results
- Addons can now use javascript variables to send javascript to the admin template's using the $jscript and $jscript_last variables.

Plus several other features and bug fixes!!!

We hope you enjoy this release and please keep the feature requests and bug reports coming!

Thank You,

The Open-Realty Development Team