View Full Version : Hyperlink BUG in edit_listing_images.php v1.1.3 thru v1.15b

11-05-2003, 06:29 PM
Not a huge problem, but it does redirect the admin to a different page than they started out on.

The problem arises when the ADMIN accesses "edit_listing_images.php" from "edit_my_listings.php"

At the top of the "edit_listing_images" page there is a Link to return to the listing you were editing prior to editing that listing's images.

Edit Images -- Return to Editing Listing

However, if this link is clicked, the ADMIN will be taken to "listings_edit.php" instead of "edit_my_listings.php"

Seems if we are to have "edit_listing_images" serve 2 pages that are restricted by different security levels, it needs to track where the request originated from and supply the "correct" link...

< RE-edited from original post due to explaining this "bug" compeltely wrong the first time>

11-05-2003, 08:58 PM
Nevermind.. My fix was no good.. It stopped working if you did something that reloaded the current page.. add &amp; delete do that ..

Like I said before this "Bug" is not a real problem, just bad form...