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03-20-2006, 02:44 PM
The PayPal Payment addon is an Open-Realty addon designed to offer a payment method for agents to add listings. Includes several different options from Subscriptions to Pay-Per-Listing packages as shown below. Fully automated!


1. No OR core files modified
2. Offers Subscription or One-Time payment accounts, and/or Pay-Per-Listing Packages
3. Handles all expirations of listings and accounts
4. Offers Free subscription trial or Dynamic Free PPL Trial Listing.
5. Notifies agents once per listing of expiring listings for renewal, then resets them for next expiration notification
6. PPL Package options include number of images allowed, featured, vtours, durations, files, and number of listings
7. PPL agents can mix and match listings between featured, vtours, etc.
8. PPL agents can edit active status of listings unless it is expired. If expired, they do not see the option until they renew.
9. PPL packages are kept separate from subscription packages so not to confuse customers. One page is for subscription signup, another for PPL signup. They can choose which link to follow
10. Handles permissions for activating listings
11. Deletes expired listings after set number of days
12. Offers built in option or cron ability to expire and delete listings (includes crontab.txt)
13. Settings allow for monthly renewal on expired listings with set prices for each feature according to it's current listing. Agents choose how many months to renew.
14. Full PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) for all accounts
15. Supports eCheck and other payment methods
16. When subscriptions reach EOT (Cancelled or Payment refused), agent's accounts are converted to a PPL account instead of deleting them.
17. Handles current non-paying agents (before addon installed) and can force them to create a subscription or PPL account before adding or editing their listings until canging account to paid.
18. Allows a grace period for forced accounts before requiring them to renew to a paid listing.
19. Agent admin icons change according to the situation
20. Dynamic subscription and PPL packages, fully set in admin - no file editing needed
21. Allows Subscription and PPL Upgrades
22. Allows Promotional Free Trial PPL listings with promo code for better control over free trials or email marketing
23. New templated listings page to match the newer OR versions
24. New Discounts according to discount code
25. New alert admin for modified and/or deactivate modified listings.

and more!

For pricing, screen shots and more info, click here (http://addons.southtexasweb.com).