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11-14-2007, 01:28 AM
This forum is for release of COMMERCIAL templates only. Questions about templates and requests for help should be conducted through the developer of the template.

Posts for help created here or replies to release posts will not be approved by the moderators, will be deleted when we review them and will not appear on the forum and will waste our time.

What are Templates?
Templates are a combination of html files, css files and images that control the overall layout and appearance of your website.

Templates posted here are the work of users in the Open-Realty community. Since commercial templates are not free, the developers of Open-Realty will not test any Commercial Templates that are offered.

As such Open-Realty makes no warranties of any sort for any Templates. You are downloading and using them at your own risk. Since some Templates may not be compatible with all versions of Open-Realty we strongly suggest that you test the Templates on a site that is not live and that you create backups of your site and database prior to adding any Templates to your site.