View Full Version : Agent Search city/state Addon

11-25-2007, 07:47 PM
Addon Name: Agent Search Addon
Addon Description: This addon allows you to search an agent by city and / or state. All you need to do is create two fields in the agent template form. One for city and one for state. Make sure that the fields are published. Upload the search agent addon into your addon folder. Addon built for version 2.4.3.

There is also a version available for download with five agent search fields to accomodate users request. The fields include: city, state, name, company and email.

Addon Price: 15.00

Open-Realty version - Addon was built for Open-Realty Version 2.4.3
Documentation - Easy installation. Instructions are inlcuded with download.
Required Components - Integrates with CMS Realty

Download is located at: http://www.cogentinternetsolutions.com/site/content/view/36/87/