View Full Version : Slim Open-Realty Theme

Sir Savant
03-26-2008, 03:51 AM
Template Name: Slim
Template Version: 0.1
Template Description: A nice, 2 column floating centered template
Open-Realty Version: Tested in 2.4.4, should work in all 2.4.x versions
Documentation: A couple days ago I was surfing around for template ideas (no particular reason) and stumbled upon a nice template that others might want implemented in OR. I skinned it to OR specifications and since I found it free, I'll give it away for free (it's only fair). Original at: http://www.oswd.org/design/preview/id/3375

The template supports all the default listing detail formats from OR.
Required Components: matematica's Quick Search Addon

Comments welcome. Send me a pm if there are any issues with the theme. I may update the template at my discretion.