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04-28-2008, 01:35 AM
Hi All

here is Our New Template design for Open-Realty

Open-Realty OR 9010 Template Plus Free Addons.

Go Here: http://openrealtytemplates.awddesign.co.uk/listing-OR+9010-68.html (http://openrealtytemplates.awddesign.co.uk/listing-OR+9010-68.htmll)

OR 9010 Web site template consists of the main page and appropriate content pages that correspond to Open-Realty.
Plus these Great FREE Addons we now created for the OR 9000 range:

This Design comes with Tabbed Searching that changes when clicked for homes and rentals.
Plus Featured Listings Carousel with up to 20+ Featured properties
on one page.

New Tabbed Searching
New Featured Listings tabbed carousel sliding images
New Template search result page with Info.
New Rss Feed linking.

Search from Main Page Tabbed:: design page added
Featured Listings :: Addons

XHTML and CSS W3C standards


Template Name : OR 9010
Open-Realty version - Note the version of Open-Realty you developed with is 2.4.x
Documentation - included.
Required Components - No additional components needed.