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05-12-2008, 02:29 PM
Addon Name: floortime
Addon Description This Add-on is designed for the use of Real Estate offices (or car dealerships) to schedule floor time for its agents (salespeople).
Addon Price $25 (25% contributed to Open-Realty)
Open-Realty version – 2.4.4
Documentation – Simple to use, readme.txt file included with distribution and on web site.
Required Components – Open-Realty 2.4.4 (should work on earlier versions) and ionCube loader installed. Licensed for one domain.

Floortime Add-on

Price: $25.00

Version 1.0·
No changing or replacing any OR core files.
Developed and tested on version 2.4.4.
User may select number of floor shifts per day.
Allows scheduling of any user that is set up in Open-Realty as an agent.
Allows twelve months to be active at a time.
Provides a count at the bottom of each month’s calendar of the number of weekday shifts each agent has been scheduled and the number of total weekday shifts available that month.
Administrator may authorize agents to schedule their own shifts. If not authorized, a static calendar is displayed to the agent in their admin section. Installation requires uploading the Add-on, editing your configuration; identifying which Open Realty agents are eligible to be scheduled for floor time.
License is for use on one domain and requires ionCube loader to be installed on your server.
25% of the proceeds of sales will be contributed to Open-Realty.

Available at http://www.websterworx.com
Demo at http://demo.websterworx.com/admin (Users are 'admin', 'green' with passwords all being 'password'.) Feel free to make changes and play around with it, the demo is reset every four hours.
A readme.pdf is available at http://demo.websterworx.com/readme.pdf.