View Full Version : Give me the hitlist

01-09-2004, 01:22 PM
I am terrible with determining where to start; I would really like some feedback from you guys on what you would do to start cleaning this site up.


I know I may have spent too much time and distraction trying to create my little resizable border graphic... better way to do this?

I also need suggestions re: the aspect and size of things like: featured image, thumbs, font, etc.. the template I am working with worked with the larger sizes, but with my graphics it seems to need a more compact arrangement.

I think I screwed up some member login (tried to create my own) but now after a user logs in, they are fwd'd to a blank result instead of member area.

Im sure theres a bunch else, but please note; you wont be wasting your time giving me feedback; I will consider ALL feedback and I am fairly quick to assimilate new knowledge. :)