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08-02-2008, 04:42 PM
This addon is for folks that want to charge members to sign up instead of agents. Listings can be setup to show only basic info to non-members by the normal OR settings. Members can choose the package they want (time frame) and sign up. Once they pay, their account is automatically setup. Easy to setup. Just upload the files, go to admin and setup your packages and other settings, then add the template tags to your templates. Full instructions are included. Addon has its own language file to edit. Set what fields you want to show up to registered users only and add the template tag. Non-members will see what you want them to see with a message to signup to view all info from this listing. Also handles all member pruning.


1. No OR core files modified
2. Offers One-Time payment accounts renewable near end of term
3. Handles all expirations of accounts
4. Notifies members once of expiring accounts up for renewal, then resets them for next expiration notification
5. Deletes expired members after set number of days
6. Offers built in option or cron ability to expire and delete members (includes crontab.txt)
7. Settings allow for renewal on expired accounts with choice of packages
8. Full PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) for all accounts
9. Supports eCheck and other payment methods

Pricing and other information can be found Here (http://addons.southtexasweb.com)

Demos can be setup if requested. Full support included.