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08-26-2008, 03:33 AM
USA Map Mod. for Open-RealtyŽ

This new USA Map Mod. will display and allow all guests, members and agents to view and search any of the 50 states for listing by simply clicking on the Map State Location.

The USA Map Mod. come will all code, images, and installation Docs needed to install in Open-RealtyŽ.

The install does require that you created a new page and add a menu URL/Link to point to the USA Map Mod.
(adding the code to the new page is easily done within the [Admin Panel-->>Page Editor] section)

(this link is dead)
(then click on the USA Map State of "CA" or "AZ" to see the listing in those states)

Display image only, to test visit the live site

adspace, please update your post to reflect working information if you still maintain and have this add-on available.