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09-26-2008, 05:40 PM
Name: 24 Hour Property Information Hotline

Description: This will allow you to have a 24 hour 'hotline' for buyers to get information about your properties in english, and spanish ( coming very soon ) using the open-realty listing id assigned to your property. Email notification is sent to agent when someone calls about a property. After hearing the recorded information callers can press 1 to be connect to the agent.

This can also be integrated with SugarCRM to add callers to your leads.

Price - There is a minimum $65 dollar set-up charge for basic configuration which is assuming that you haven't modified any of the default open-realty database field names. Additional for customization ie: custom recorded messages, etc.. Monthly fees will apply depending on the options you choose, and the amount of listings you have. Available plans:

$20 / Month for up to 15 active listings.
$50 / Month for up to 50 active listings
$100 / Month for up to 99 active listings.
$120 / Month for up to 500 active listings.
$150 / Month for unlimited active listings.

All plans include additional 5 cents / minute for calls connected to the agent. ( This service can be disabled )
Local phone numbers available in most areas
Toll-fee numbers include an additional 5 cents / minute for incoming calls.

Open-Realty version - Open-Realty 2.1 and above

Documentation - A readme file is included, but basically just install zip file at your site root. ( http://yoursite.com/apsfeed ), and edit the configure.php file to include your database connection info.* Submit the URL the you install the to us via email when you are finished.

Required Components - None

Demo line - Call: (347) 562-7853 ID:10480

Additional - A free trial is available. Contact AutomatedPropertySolutions@gmail.com, or call (801) 244-6382 to order.

Custom plans can be created on an individual basis. Contact us.

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