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10-09-2008, 12:43 PM
Here it is, the ultimative chain select addon for Open-Realty.

Addon Name: Chain select

Addon Description: This addon allows you to chain 3 or more fields PLUS the Pclass field.


The addon comes with two tags that can be used in your templates:
>> one for the search pages (without pclass select)
>> one for the home/static pages (with pclass select - for quick search)
It is a real addon, no core files modified.
It does not use any files (XML), it shows the real existing database values
It shows the counts of existing entries:
Homes(10) > USA(5) > DC(2) > Washington(1)
The addon uses AJAX, so no reloading pages.
The addon.inc.php file is not encoded so you can modify the layout of your search fields as you wish.
The addon is not domain bound so you can use it on as many OR installations as you wish.
Administration page to set fields to chain and their captions (so they can be different from the ones defined in listing field editor)
Easy installation: upload to addon folder, include the tags in your form and you're done.

Addon Price: 35.00€ (aprox. 51.70 $ / 32.20 GBP)

Open-Realty version: tested with Open-Realty Version 2.3 - 2.5.7 with up to 88.000 listing.

Documentation: Upload the folder into your addon folder and place the tag in your search forms (two tags available, with or without pclass). All necessary files are included in the addons folder.

See it: HERE (http://www.or-templates.com/templates/index.php)
Install Guide: HERE (http://www.or-templates.com/open-realty-addons/Installation-Guide.pdf)
Buy It: HERE (http://www.or-templates.com/open-realty-addons/index.html)