View Full Version : Rounded_Boxes (3 Column Layout)

10-10-2008, 08:47 PM
Template Name: 3 Column Rounded_Boxes
Template Description: This is a modification to the Rounded_Boxes template included with Open Realty so that is has 3 columns instead of two.

Open-Realty version - 2.5.3
Required Components - No additional components are required

Installation Method 1: 3_column_rounded_boxes.zip
Simply unzip this file and upload the entire directory to yoursite.com/templates. Then select 3_column_rounded_boxes as the default template in the site config

Installation Method 2: 3_column_rounded_boxes_patch.zip
Unzip this file. It contains a main.html file and a style.css file. Upload these to yoursite.com/template/rounded_boxes. This will overwrite the existing main.html and style.css files.