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03-10-2004, 09:43 AM
Now that my site is up and running, I've been obsessed with the Ranking of the site for a while. :twisted:

The site still seems to have a PR0 with Google although I have some backlinks to it. :x

I've had a quick look at some of the OR sites and I have not been able to see a highly ranked OR site with Google.

I've started wondering whether there's something in the OR that makes the engines think we're trying to spam.

Is there a PR4 or higher OR site that you know?


03-10-2004, 10:22 AM
Search "all seasons real estate"

It is 2nd and it is open-realty.. There are others... It of course all depends on the keywords you are optimizing for and how you are optimizing the page....

04-11-2004, 01:28 PM
I would just like to say that in my experience Google LOVES Open Realty. I have been using it since January on a real estate site for Costa Rica.

Google is now picking up practically every page in the site and at one point was even spidering the site hourly. One of the realtors change a listing title to say Escazu Mansion for rent and the new title appeared instantly in Google! :shock:

If you search for office space Costa Rica, our site is on the top, also anything to do with real estate in Jaco beach or Escazu. Try this search on Google: alajuela view home

If you want good results in the search engines, you have to concentrate on finding out what keywords people use to search, then use those words in the titles of the listings and in the descriptions. Particularly, you can repeat the location or features in the title. This emphasizes to the search engine what the listing page is promoting.

One area anyone using the left menu template should watch for is to have text links on the OR index.php page pointing to interior pages on the site. You can leave the default browse all listings links there and that will get the spiders started on your listings.

Another factor is to have good incoming links to the site, purchase banner ads on local news sites and purchase listings on local directories. These will give you visitors and increase your importance on the Internet in the view of Google and other search engines.
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