View Full Version : Open-RealtyŽ 2.5.8 Released

10-18-2009, 10:12 PM
Open-RealtyŽ 2.5.8 (http://open-realty.org/download.html) - (Full Changelog (http://open-realty.org/release/open-realty258.txt)) SVN Revision 2527

Feature: New/Modified Listing Notification System Overhauled. You now need to setup a cron job, to run the listing notifications. The emails have been templated, so you can customize them.
Feature: Refine Search, now works as expected, taking you back to the search page with all your previous options selected.
Feature: Ability to place a AddThis (Bookmarking & Sharing Service) button on any Open-Realty page.
FIXED: NextPrev Navigation had a bug where, moving forward then backwards by 10 pages when on an odd would result in the incorrect pages being displayed in the NextPrev bar.
FEATURE: Maintenance Mode added allowing the site admin to turn off visitor access to the site.
FIXED: Prevent Filter Session from saving the search if it was a listingID lookup to prevent locking the user from getting back to the editor
FIXED: Unlimited featured listings feature was not working
FIXED: .htaccess file rewrites were not strict enough, and could rewrite the incorrect URL's for non Open-RealtyŽ pages.