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10-30-2009, 01:13 PM
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Addon Name


OR Versions

SefTiger was developed on 2.5.7/2.5.8 but has been installed on 2.4.7 and works there as well.

Go to http://www.betterlets.com/seftigeror..._fieldsettings user seftiger pass seftiger for a well documented demo of the admin side. Created urls can be seen on the public side. Please note there is not much data in the site db but it produces a lot of original, unique urls, without even using the max no of fields.
http://ww.moving-to-france.com/new shows it working with the search and classes, it also produces maps on the searchresult pages using the yahoo map api, It would not be difficult to have it producing maps using transparent maps, so the map function will not be included. By its nature any content relevant to a city, a type of property etc etc could be included on the searchresults pages.

Addon Description

Rewrites all search result urls to url friendly ones. See http://www.betterlets.com for an example. It uses the url seperator specified in OR config (- or + usually) as a seperator, hence a town called ST paul de Vence would show up as st-paul-de-vence. I would advise the use of the same seperators in your captions. See http://www.betterlets.com for an example. The addon also includes a chained select system, you can specify that if a certain field is chosen 1 or 2 others should be ignored, hence on betterlets if you choose a city, a choice of region or department will be ignored, if you choose a region and a department the region will be ignored

Also redirects all old dynamic urls to new sef urls, hence saved searches, favourites in the old format are dynamically rewritten to the new sef urls. the OR engine is hidden, which is also a good security feature against future mysql attacks.

In the or admin panel there is a form in which you can list from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 9 search criteria in the order in which you wish to see them in the final urls (the order you use in your searchforms and how many of them you use in each seach form is up to you).

Against each field name you enter a caption which will be the leading caption
ie Search for field city and city name Washington
would result in yoursite.com/first-caption- washington.html

You enter a second field caption against each field as a link caption,
Search for city Washington and min-price under 500000
would result in yoursite.com/first-caption-washington-link-caption-min-price-500000.html
and so on up to a present limit of 9 criteria.

I have included a search improvement which discards empty search fields from the url, hence only search fields filled in by the searcher are reflected in the url.

The addon writes the new htaccess file and the other files to redirect the old urls. For security you need to download the file (htaccess.txt rename it .htaccess and upload it to your site, as security please also make a back up copy of your existing htaccess beforehand) The htaccess file contains all the present OR htaccess rules as well as the sefTiger additions, but if you have other custom rules you might want to add them

The Searchresults function in the addon is the standard OR searchresults function with support for bookingcal availability dates, pclass search by pclass name (prettier urls) rather than id and search by reference.

There is an addon tag to put at the top any 'main' templates in which there is a search form, and a body tag to replace the <body> tag

At the moment sefTiger does not support multiple choice selections and null selections-- these could be added in a future version. Seftiger does not handle 'sortbys' on the searchresults page. SefTiger does not like odd bits of punctuation or accents in the search field values, it can deal with spaces, capital letters and hyphens, if anyone would liketo use it but uses odd characters mail me beforehanfd and I can customise it to your fields.

The present version includes a meta title tag specific to the search fields and a meta keywords tag, the meta title tag can also be used on the searchresults template, as is done odn betterlets.com. Hence all search result pages are unique, with unique titles and descriptions, tres sef

I have not tried sefTiger with the UMP version of OR nor with the joomla version. I can not see any problems though with joomla and will try it.

SefTiger is a pure addon, no core files are touched.

There is a readme file with instructions that is visible in the addon folder and can also be viewed through the help button in the addon manager. There are yards of instructions on all admin pages of the addon.


~€100 euros which is about $130.
One third of this will be donated to Open Realty. The rest sticks in my pocket

To buy, mail me on rob@betterlets.com

NB I know this is my second post on sefTiger, but my first post was rushed and did not conform to the guidelines, so I hope this one is fine