View Full Version : Inporting of External Data

Denver Dave
12-23-2002, 04:44 PM
I thought it best to start a new tread to discuss the importing of data from any external source rather than specific IDX format discussions.

Here is a thread from the 3.01 board, although I'm not sure it goes far enough.


I feel pretty comfortable with creating the records in the listingsdb, it is all of the meta data in listingsDbElements that concerns me - adding the data and if the data is not available, making sure that the meta data placeholders are created so that the data may be added later.

I'll play with creating a script and look around in the program where listings are created, but I figure several people already have SQL scripts to do this that they might not mind sharing.

I'm a little uncertain at this point if I'm mostly looking to import a flat file csv or some sort of XML data - both might be interesting and I'm waiting to see what a local MLS does for their IDX format.

Any one have any thoughts. :shock: