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04-06-2004, 10:48 PM
My wife and I are working a fairly major site redesign involving an open-realty integration into the new site (she's the designer, I'm the techy ;) ).

I'm planning to have a visible tag-line in the footer crediting open-realty and also make a contribution (once the site's live, i.e. I get paid).

If I do give credit in another place, is it permissible to remove this section from /include/main.php?

// Deleting the comment below is violation of the GPL
// You get this for free... all we ask for is a little hidden credit
echo " <!-- powered by Open-Realty by http://www.open-realty.org. -->";
echo " <!-- This product is a fork of -->";
echo " <!-- powered by OpenListings by jon roig/smersh light industries. -->";
echo " <!-- Copyright 2002. This tool is Open Source and released under the GPL -->";
echo " <!-- Learn more @ http://jonroig.com or email jon@jonroig.com for details -->";
// Thanks! Versions under different licenses and without this code ARE available -- contact jon if you'd like to know more

Mostly just because I'm a source code junkie and it makes the beginning of the source code not all that nice....but I'm not trying to not give credit where it's due. :)

A preview of the site front page is available here for anyone who cares to take a look. :)



04-07-2004, 02:54 AM
IMO if you are going to replace the hidden credit with a visable tag line on the main page and make a donation I'm sure Ryan probably wouldn't mind you removing the hidden credit... however... you would need to contact him for the permission to do so.

04-09-2004, 09:46 AM
For anyone who was wondering about this, here's the reply I got from Ryan.


As long as you are replacing teh hidden html comments with a visible credit i dont have a problem. GO for it. :)