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04-13-2004, 07:01 PM
Hi 8)
For those who had registered with godaddy or whatever reseller from Joker.com. You will have great difficulty transferring your domains out. I had tried for almost 6 months for 3 domains and without success and finally tracked down the root problem.
3 domains registered with Registryweb.com:-

1. They lured you to switch to them by offering only $7 to transfer.
2. Then 2nd years onwards they charge you $20 unless you pay 10 years, the domain is $13.
3. Another point to add. So I thought that I could just let the domain expire and purchase at another register. It don't work either. They use reason such as "helping you to safe keep the domain for you at their own cost, so that nobody can purchase for one month" In another words, your domain is held "hostage by them" for one month, then you can purchase at another registral. Which means only if you're willing to close shop for one month, then you'll do it this way, let it expire.

Having realised that it is very expensive, I decided to transfer out but after a few months, without receiving any confirmation of transfer I decided to do a whois and to my dismay. They didn't correct the my email entry as requested through their control panel:-

Owner email they register as regsitrant@homestanley.com#0 and other bogus email that cannot be reached.

So I checked with the main registral and managed to get email corrected but still having problem transferring because Joker.com is taking advantage of German regulation stating that :-

1. You must use their control panel to Open up a 10 days transfer Window.
2. Having done this, then you can get your ideal new registry to submit your transfer to them subject to their approval.
3. Unfortunately, during the Open window session at Joker.com they also stated that the intended winning Registry must be Accredited registral of ICANN.

So back to Square One, I still can't transfer my 3 domains out

Normal way of tranfer, at intended New Registry. Use their control panel and activate transfer process. But this is not the case for domain with JOKER.COM , you must OPEN UP A 10 DAYS WINDOW FIRST AT JOKER.COM OR AT THEIR RESELLER, THEN YOU DO THE TRANFER AT NEW REGISTRAL (must be ICANN Acredited).

Anyone here know of Accredited ICANN that charge domain name $8.99 tp $11 I would like to attempt to transfer domain name.
Forget about Register.com, they charge too high.

Anyone here face the same problem?

04-15-2004, 04:56 PM
One thing you could do, depending on what joker does when a domain expires... is this:

- Get your domain registered with another registrar/hosting company
- Find out what their NS (Name Server) addresses are (NS1, NS2)
- In your domain's configuration in Joker, edit the NS records to point to the new registrar/host's NS servers
- Then within 48 hours, everyone will be looking to your new registrar/host's servers to find your domain.
- if you have hosting set up on the new registrar/host's servers, then you'll be live.

Then, while you sort out the issue with Joker, you can still be "live".

The only problem might be if Joker sets your NS records to some dummy value upon expiry (which IS a common thing for them to do).

Regardless, the above procedure is ideal for transferring from one host to another.

And, there are several ICANN-accredited registrar's out there that will sell at lower prices... just a matter of research.
I know a few, so if your research doesn't bring up anything you like, PM me and I'll share some possibilities for you.

04-15-2004, 11:55 PM
Thanks, will try that. But they would probably change name server to point to nowhere, so that people trying to purchase could locate the registral which I think is good. Yep, now I remembered. It happened to one of my domain www.netwaybiz.com I purposely let it expired and try to register with other Registry but couldn't, then I did whois, it doesn't show up anything. So I renewed through the terrible registryweb.com again and managed to renew but taken by surprise that they charge me US$20 where when I first signed up it wasn't at this price!

01-04-2005, 12:19 PM
ive been using www.worldtarget.com for a while now. They are resellers for wildwestdomains, somehow i thought godady was the same, I have transferred names to other registrars and in the same registry NP. Customer service is also great. Check them out im sure you wont be dissapointed.

01-04-2005, 11:17 PM
I use Godaddy.com and have had no problems I also use hostway.com( 6.95 )
and their transfer policy is easy to understand and easy to use

01-07-2005, 05:56 AM
I have on several occasions been in a hostage situation both with my own and client accounts. Several of these were brought via fronts for godaddy.
I found godaddy themselves very helpful in fixing the problem in all cases.
If they are the backend company they have master control so thats who to contact :)