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04-30-2004, 10:32 PM
Hi All im new, so take it easy if I do this wrong.

I saw this script in action, an all the mods/support to go with it and thought this is awesome and could work for me. But i need it modified and I am not sure what/how to do it.

I am looking to make a site like http://villas2go4.com NOT a copy, but it is based on that idea.

Heres what I would like it to do or a work around.

I user is able to sign up, an enter details for a new listing.
This gets added to the pending queue, for the admin/agent to authorise to be listed, eg verifies the user.

Then the user has full rights to go in and edit there site, listing, pictures etc, But account changes need to be accepted by the admin maybe.

Instead of the Apply to view form, I would like a booking form linked into a calender, so viewers can see wheres free. If it cant be built into the script, then just include("calender.php"); but a link to edit in the users member section.

From the booking/contact form, this is not to go to the user it is to go to the admin only. Once this info is sent, the admin then contacts the applied for rental property, and a sale is made for the information the admin has.

May also need a signup form to get listed orginally. But could leave to just payment by booking, then I can cover a lot more payment types by just setting up an extra page with required links etc.

I have the Full Mod installed at http://i-f-i.co.uk/promovilla/ its slightly confusing to see where the user signs up, or are they agents or on the current script is this done by the admin only ?

Please quote how much you think this would cost/ways in which I could try and do it myself as I am puzzled. Some is covered in the full mod version but not all.

Sorry for the long message.


05-01-2004, 10:08 AM

Thanks for the Pm's guys, I have replyed. I am also looking for a guestbook for each user and a rating system, which then would get listed in the top ten front page.

I would like the users to be able to put up prices on different times of year, eg summer would be higher than winter due to high demand. As well as listing prices for any extras needed.

I have a buget of around 150-200 but would prefer to offer, traffic or domain or hosting to cut the cost a but as Im running low on funds.

If you wish to find out about what I can offer you in return please pm me and I will send you some of the sites I run, instead of self promotion here.



05-01-2004, 11:12 PM
Ive been bashing with this and have worked in a calender, booking form (application to view with adjustments)
Still need to create forms and workout how users signup to get listed. (is this the Agent function ? )

This prob needs to be moved to support now, sorry)