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06-14-2004, 02:09 AM
Greetings I am a newbie and have benefited from everyone experiences.
I give much praise to Frank for helping me on the path to using CSS and web standards. I am sure it will pay in the long run.

Have basic questions.

I want to list real estate agents, mortgage brokers and other home related professionals on my site. A real estate yellow pages. The real estate service providers would be available free of charge to visitors (whom I refer to as members) to the site. Members would be able to list FSBOs (Agents would not list their properties initially until I can modify OR to work with RETS and MLS nationwide).

Has anyone added the other service professionals to their listings? Any suggestions.

I read the posting regarding PayPal and IPN and will be using that platform. If there are any free alternatives please advise.

I need to understand OR terminology. Users = Agents Y/N; Members are what ? ( I refer to members as the general public who visits my site,)

Is there a mod for adding the other service providers.

I will stop here any suggestions or advice highly appreciated.

I will give back to OR when I recieve any reimbursement. I support OPEN in whatever way I can.