View Full Version : OR + flash

06-15-2004, 06:07 PM
any1 with an idea how OR handles embedded swf files.

Also is it possible to use phpAdsNew...(Ad_server_program) with OR..

Any site with embedded swf files...please place a link so i could check it out. :idea:

06-16-2004, 01:47 PM
I'm sure OR can handle flash just fine, it is no different than any other type of website. Just embed the .swf where you want it and it should be fine.

06-16-2004, 05:15 PM
Many people successfully use (yuck) flash in their designs as stated above it is no different than any other site system.
If your intention is to use fla files as uploadable images you may have some problems however with the need to alter your upload types etc.