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06-19-2004, 01:33 AM
A good method of getting your site known is via links from other sites.
I have on several occasions been offered different methods of doing this however the following apears to be one that is genuine so i thought instead of simply deleteing the message i would share it with others who may make use of it.
One thing going against this site is the very hard to find links link but i guess this is something you can work out for yourselves.
Since i dont do Realty it is of no value to me.

The links database is here http://myochousevalue.com/links.htm

If your interested please send info to submit@lexcorps.com

Dear WebMaster

I wonder if you would be interested in trading links and description to help promote each other. I will add your link on my site with a title, description and your link. And you add my info on yours. This will help both our business on the web.
1. Add my link to your site.
2. Chose the category you would like to be in.
3. Send me your website info and I'll add it right away!

We Have these main categories, and can add sub categories to best fit your website.

Real Estate Agents & Brokers
Apartments & Rentals

Business Services & Directories
Career Training & Services

Commercial Real Estate
Finance, Mortgage & Loans

Foreclosure & Related
Golf & Land

Home, Garden & Landscaping
Home Improvement & Repair

Insurance & Warranty
Internet Services

Legal Services
Moving, Supplies & Relocation Services

New Homes & Builders
Investment & Property Management

Real Estate Services
Resorts, Travel, Vacation & Shopping

Thank you for your time.
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My site description:

Title: Orange County California House Values
Des: If you're thinking of selling your Orange County home now or in the next few months, this free service
will help you find your Orange County home's current market value and a suggested listing price.
Link is: http://www.Myochousevalue.com

Want to share links with others on the forum? Ask here maybe the response will be good :)

07-20-2004, 11:53 AM
Links are the essence of the World Wide Web. While having links coming into your site (and leaving your site) is good in a normal sense, you have to be careful about which links you obtain. Since this has been a common way unscrupulous marketers try to fool the search engines, the engines try to combat link farm type techniques.

When they determine a technique is shady, they can and do penalize pages receiving links from the offender. Some guidlines for determining safe link exchanging practices:

- Is this a link that visitors to my site would find valuable?
- Would I want them to associate my company with that page?
- Is the page I am exchanging links with related to mine in any conceivable way? Is it closely related?
- Does the page I am receiving a link from have good content or is it just a collection of links?
- Would I link to this company or site if search engine rankings were of no concern?

Bear in mind that the greater the number of outgoing links on a page, the less benefit each site linked to gets from the link. Consider the following example to determine good linking practices.

I have a site related to real estate in XYZ state. I want to exchange links with realtors in cities A, B, C.

The Easy Way: I set up a page called links.html and link to it from my main page calling it "other useful links" The realtors will receive a 1/3 credit link each and I will get 3 links back! Imagine if I got 50 or 100!

The Better Way: I set up section from my home page that I include in my main navigation scheme called "area information". For each area, I give a brief description with a link to a detailed information page about that area. On the Area A page, I link to the realtor covering area A like this... Click here, <link - areaArealtor.com>properties for sale in Area A<end link>if you would like to see listings in this area.

You can see that in the first case, if there were 50 or 100 or 1000 links, Google or Yahoo could determine that this links page was an effort to fool them and could penalize all the sites involved.

You can see that in the second example, not only to the visitors to the site benefit in a real way, each realtor linking back to the main site would also benefit. The main site would also benefit because they would be receiving the same kind of links.

Of course it is a lot more work, but these are the kind of links the search engines believe are valuable and they like.