View Full Version : Is It Possible ??

06-23-2004, 01:47 PM
Hi All

I am currently working on the View Agents section of my site (view_users.php) and I have a number of questions. Instead of adding a photo to the agents view I have encouraged my agents to use a company logo instead. Currently the way it work is if you click on the name, the link will take you to another page showing the company logo thumbnail and company details (userview.php). if you click on the logo this will take you to the full size picture of the logo(viewimage.php). What I want too happen is as follows:

1) clicking on the logo will take you to the same page as clicking on the name and not to a full size picture of the logo(userview.php)
2) once at the userview.php there is no back button, how can I add one?

Could somebody please tell me first of all, is it possible to change these links and secondly how do I do it??

Thanks in advance for any help