View Full Version : Template with GoLive or other Wysiwyg

06-30-2004, 01:16 PM
Hi to everone,
I am just (in case it's mor than 4 weeks) trying to understand why it is so complicated to change the layout/template of Open-Realty.
OK, external css are used, but for me it's really hard to use them in a Wysiwyg-Editor like GoLive. I have read the description of each item and additionally a short information on how to make a new template found in this forum, but it is not possible for me to transfer this knowledge to get to work in Wysiwyg-Style.
If anyone has a complete step-by-step-Description on how to change the layout by wysiwyg with GoLive, I think that this might help a lot of people here. As a positive result I think there will be many people posting their templates, so that you will get a great fund of different layouts.
Please not only for the future version 2.0!