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07-07-2004, 05:42 PM
Has anyone run into clients who are interested in the REALTOR Secure program? Or has anyone participated in an audit/assessment for this certification?

If you're as lost as I was when a client first mentioned this to me, check here:

I'd appreciate everyone's input regarding the usefulness of this certification. Thanks!

07-07-2004, 11:03 PM

Had a quick look.

I looks to me like people selling or renting should be doing it any way.
Why have someone point it out to them.

Just a 1 question do have to pay for it ?

just a quick look :)

more feed back.

07-08-2004, 10:13 AM
Just a 1 question do have to pay for it ?

You betcha it costs $$! One must obtain a final review from a "third party" security auditor.

(you can take a free "self review" here: )

This is another way the NAR is pushing to keep all of it's members in line by scaring them.

Consumers Want Security
Reports of hacking, stolen consumer information and identity theft have consumers very concerned about information security. Today, consumers want assurance that their personal information is safe.

Prevent Loss of Business Assets
Stop the use of your business assets by unauthorized users. Your listings and other information need protection from misappropriation and illegal uses that can cause lost revenue and create ill will.

Reduce Cost of a Business Interruption
Viruses, trojans and worms are attacking systems at an alarming rate. Every day, more threats are created. Re-establishing an e-commerce presence, the loss of a sale or a missed contact can be costly. The cost of being without a Web presence, e-mail or Internet capabilities is immeasurable.

Avoid Threats to Reputation and Financial Position
Financial and resource outlay is minimal compared to the costs associated with the reactive hiring of security specialists in addition to the loss of revenue and goodwill that can result from a compromise.

The certification is worthless to an office/individual from a functionality standpoint, because a real estate office seldom has a dedicated IT person, and frequently changes the ranks that occupy their offices (thus creating another layer of insecurity). Realtors want to be selling, and not be bothered with the dirty details.. Any certification that could be earned via this program could only be effective "up to the minute" for any office it was issued to. Any real benefit here is that potential buyers/sellers may feel "safe" knowing that an Office/Agent qualified (once) for this certification.

MLS offices on the other hand, should be absolutely required to be certified (on a regular basis) and *should* also have a dedicated IT person if they are going to be in the business of brokering listing data electronically. Many MLSs still have the same person that answers the phones, handling all of their IT chores too...

You will likely see a marketing campaign soon from the NAR suggesting that prospective buyers ONLY to work with "Realtor Secure" Offices/Agents. Yet another brick in the wall the NAR is building around MLS data in your area.. (US Agents)

Don't get me wrong, security is a good thing, and is overlooked by just about everybody, but the NAR's position is hardly about security, and more about propoganda.

When a hacker breaks-in and vandalizes your website, just show him your new "Realtor Secure" pin.. That should scare em... And as far as your customers go, you weren't really hacked, because you were certified! :)