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07-16-2004, 11:03 AM
Hi ! I'm read a thread in this forum (see here), I have the necessity to create a search similar, but I do not know as to implement it with open-realty.. who it can help me... i'm confused...!! thanks and sorry for my bad english.. :)

I saw what you are saying but i'd like to show all the models and all the makes in the search pulldown box... not only the ones that are listing...

Plz visit this site:

This is what i want... the first pulldown box will be:

1) Vehicles choose one: Cars - Motorcycle - Trucks

And let's say they choose Cars, so the next pulldown box would be:

2) Choose one mark: AUDI - BMW - FERRARI - FORD - FIAT - GM - VOLVO

Again let's say they choose BMW, so the next pulldown box would be:

3) Choose one Model: Series 3 - Series 5 - Series 7 - Z4

See?? That's what i want!! Even if some1 choose a Car - Bmw - Z4 and i don't have any, i'd like to show all the cars... or all the moto's marks and models and all the trucks' marks and models...

I think i would need some Java script to do that... i have a java like that that i found in a asp page (with all the models and marks for all the vehicles...)

Now... i ask: is that possible?????

If some1 please could help me i would really appreciate...

Thanx "