View Full Version : My first attempt at an OR site

07-20-2004, 11:18 PM
I have been asked to build a real estate rental site. This is my first attempt at using OR and I am really enjoying it.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me. I'm in a drafting stage so all and any suggestions would be appreciated.



07-21-2004, 08:00 PM
Very nice! You asked for suggestions, so here goes:

You might want to add some content over and above the actual property listings. Things like, A page about Farnsworth-Hill, what kind of company it is, what kind of properties they specialize in, that sort of thing. Maybe you're already planning to do this later. But IMO you definitely need more than just property listings.

On your print-friendly page -- the "return to normal view" link is green against green.

On your browse page, you might want to think about replacing fields like city, state and zip with information that would likely be of more interest to the potential tenant. This looks like a commercial property rental firm, so I'd think tenants would be interested in things like square footage available, office amenities, parking, security.

Same thing on the search page -- I'd think potential tenants would be more interested in searching by the features they need in their office space than by city, which is the only option you've got on there.

Overall, though, very nice job. Clean good-looking design. I like what you did with the headers on the browse page -- I'm considering stealing that idea for the site I'm working on.

07-23-2004, 03:06 PM
Great. Thanks for the suggestions. I will implement most if not all of thoes suggestions. Funny, I was looking at the browse page and I knew that I wanted to change it somehow, but I didn't take the time to figure out what I wanted to do. Changing it to things like square footage available, office amenities, parking, security makes perfect sense. And yes, I need some more content... I still am waiting for feedback from my friend/client.

As for doing the same on the headers... There is no such thing as stealing in open source. :)