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07-30-2004, 12:49 PM
My page is a free to the agent site. It will be paid for by sponsors. I would like to put a verticle menu bar on the right hand side of OR with the sponsors logo agents can click on.

I then started thinking, I would rather use the FEATURED LISTINGS to promote the sponsors, since they appear on more than just the home page and they can click it and it would take them the "full listing" page with all the company information. It just would not have price, square feet because those values would have not have been entered in the first place. The main problem is, i need to add the sponsors as a listing and when agents do a browse all listings, the sponsors will show up there too, as one of the listings. Is there a way to hide a listings from the browse listing? or does someone have a better idea.

If all else fails, i would still like to put a user_right frame or something so i can put a custom menu on the right of the page.

thanks for your time,