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08-31-2004, 09:13 PM
Hi All

I am after a little help with an import script.

What I am after is a script that will import data from an xml file ( I have an example if you wish to look at it)

My idea if it is possible is to put an import field in the admin section on each view agents page. This would be similar to the upload image field only it would browse for the xml file on my system and then would upload the data to the correct fields in my OR database. The xml files I currently receive are all from the same program and so should be the same format.

I currently get xml files emailed to me and the only way I can update the properties is to go through each file and add/edit the properties manually. This is fine when there are only a few properties but I want to beable to automaticlly upload/update 100's of properties for a number of clients.

My question is first of all is this possible & secondly how much would I be charged for such a mod ???

Please PM me with ideas and costs