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09-24-2004, 05:30 PM
this is DEAD as i plan to hack OR apart and modify it for programmers.

Super as in great.

i am developing a mod for member tracking. my question is what should be in there. this is info that agents will enter in about the members and will only been seen by the agents. perhaps. also its like an extended profile.

First Name
Last Name

Agents Notes
Admin Notes

What they are looking for in a place (so that they can be sent matches when they become available)

More personal information like habits, pets that sort of thing.

Any other ideas let me know.

09-24-2004, 06:06 PM
Hi there
This is something which I hoped to embarked on. For me, I already call my system "Intelligent Matching System" Hyper link under my web site, you'll have 'Wishlist Online" This is for buyers or tenants to input their wishlist after they had signed up (asp scripts Window). Thereafter, the Affiliated agent can retrieve the wishlist and retrieve the buyer's profile, requirement. The Affiliated agent would then manual search for a match in many other web site or paper advertisement. So what I have is Seller's database, now almost all using OR. Then I have buyers and tenants database in 'Wishlist Online'. I intended to marry these two system together. But first I'll to convert "Wishlist Online" to php.
So this is what I had in plan:-

1. Buyers and Tenants input their "Wishlist" through 'Wishlist Online'
2. The system will query the database for match based buyer input of let's say US$150K plus location plus type, then system check on parameter such as property on sale price range US$100K to $200k. If input is Rental, then lower $ range.
3. If system return with results, there should also have a link to prompt the buyers or tenant if they still want to proceed to submit wishlist. If system return zero results, the link to submit 'WIshlist' will still be there.
4. Seller and Landlord database must be huge enough for a better match. That's why I am working on a multiple website sharing same database.

My url is http://www.homestanley.com

Thanks. "wisemen thinks alike"

09-25-2004, 03:33 AM
If you are targeting medium or large real estate investors (as opposed to end users), you may want to include some of the following:
- Location
- Property Type - land, industrial, single-family etc.
- Scope for Single Investment - How much will they invest on each project.
- Scope for Total Investment - How much altogether.
- Project Status - Development, stabilised property, single tenant etc.
- Participation - are they debt or equity investors.
- Investment Hold Period - are they short term or long term investors.
- Expect Return On Investment or IRR.

The more obvious are birthdays, anniversary and spouse or kid's names.