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10-13-2004, 05:37 AM
I've got one more small item to take care of on my clinent's site www.centralmaine.org/realty
I had Lloyd make some changes to style.php which did the following:

1. made it so only the website owners contact info showed on each property instead of the property owner's. he hard coded that so that at least we could "get at" the real info if need be.
2. Made it so that the letters S.F. showed up after the area number on listingview page. i.e. Square Footage: 2,500 S.F. and similarly, Acres would show up after that number. Also made it so that Per S.F. would show up after the NNN lease rate. i.e. $4.00 Per S.F. instead of just $4.00
3. My last two things needed are these:

A. I need to remove the decimal and double zero from NUMBER FIELDS but NOT PRICE FIELDS. i.e. I want it to show up after any prices but I don't want it to show up after square footage, etc. I want 5 Acres and not 5.00 Acres and just 0 and not .00 if htere's no acreage to report (square footage field too).

Here's what I've tried and why.
1. becasue the number field seems to "call" the international_num_format code, I created something in main.php (?) called international_num_format2 and made that with no zeros. Then in the code in style.php I made the if statement call the second international_num_format vs. the first. This crashed the site, however, and I haven't tried since.

B. For some reason the changes Lloyd made (making S.F. appear and Per S.F. and Acres) only appear on listingview page and NOT listing browse page. I need Lease price, acreage and square footage to show those initials on lisingbrowse just like on listingview page. This may just be a matter of putting the existing changes in another place but I do not know. Any helpers??? I'll pay thru paypal immediately, and even send downpayment if required.

10-13-2004, 06:04 AM
One more thing
for some reason on listingbrowse the numbers are showing up literal, i.e. 4.67 acres. on listingview though they're getting rounded up. I thought I'd fixed this a while back but the problem is back. any thoughts?? I know in main.php you can specify 0 or 2 but that deosn't seem to affect listing veiw any more.