View Full Version : linux box configurator.php and /admin

06-15-2003, 06:14 PM
I am having 2 problems.

1) Is this configurator supposed to have a response write back to the screen for "begin here" click. The screen just winks after clicking.

2) when i get into ../admin, I put in my uid/pw and nothing happens. I mugged the UserDB table with my own userid and password and damn if nothing aint happenin?

I get no SQL problems after using mysql command line batch with the openrealty.sql definition and from phpmyadmin the tables are all there.

I guess with all that, I just can't seem to get into the ../admin stuff or.. does the navigation [ Create a New User Account | Add a Listing | Edit My Account | Edit My Listings | Log Out | Home ] that allows me to do stuff really work?

It would be nice to see some kind of response screen writes after clicking something.

06-16-2003, 08:05 PM
Long time since i used configurator but i believe it lists everything it does including errors if any.

Final line is something like ok all done enjoy.

If logged in as Admin // Password (default) you should have access to all admin functions. This would be 3 rows of links in the top right of the admin screen.

A single row of links is regular user admin which is minimal admin access.