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03-10-2005, 06:58 PM

I am responsible for ERATaylorRealty.com. I created a quick site, but our office needs a complete redesign. We would like our site to promote our company, but function more as a real estate portal site for our locality.

I do not know of the quality of these templates at http://www.hypergurl.com/webtemplatereal.html but graphically some of them look very nice.

I would like to use the basic layout and graphics and color scheme of a template but add OR and other dynamic content. Our site needs the following things:
1. MLS/IDX so visitors can browse all listings as if they were our own. However we would like our listings to be able to be presented as featured listings
2. Agent roster
3. Today´s Mortgage rates
4. Real estate news
5. Simple CMS system to update message from broker on main page.
5. Recently sold homes w/ price
6. Either school and neighborhood info feed or simple link to bestplaces.net.

I would like to use OR for listings because I have been looking into possible phpgroupware-OR integration to create single point of entry for public listing displays as well as private agent listing management.

Is it a good idea to use a template and then add these features to it? Are those templates well designed?

Will Taylor
ERATaylorRealty.comERATaylorRealty.com (http://ERATaylorRealty.com)

03-11-2005, 01:36 PM
My MLS is Eastern CT (ECRIS), and I am looking into all idx solutions.

Framed would be ok if seamless and nice with no scroll bars, however I am loathed to get into a high priced monthly system.

I would like to go with open realty 2.0 download I believe.

Has anyone seen the windemere system? Theyre zoom map is the nicest I have seen so far. http://moghaddasrealty.com/ uses this, but has niced tabbed school info and neighborhood info.

I would like to use ERA mortgage for rates, I am going to contact them to find out if they have a feed.

I would like to not rely on too many outside sources, but it seems unavoidable. We are not journalists so a real estate news feed is the only way to go, unless I have a cms that I can post stories into that I get from google news, if that is allowed.

What are the best sources for a real estate news feed? Also best sources for neighborhood info? I have seen a trick on the board to use bestplaces.net, but a good interface would have to be designed.

I would like to discuss the project with people, so I can get a more concrete idea of exactly what I need, we are ready to go ahead and spend good money on this project.

03-11-2005, 03:33 PM
I would like to go with open realty 2.0 download I believe.

YESSS! Another early adopter! :rolleyes:

03-14-2005, 02:27 PM

I'm finishing up a site now that has live MLS/IDX. I'm using a php interface for the IDX with some <iframe> tags rather than framed pages. Framed pages are not a good option. They suck for Search-Engines, there bad when things go bad, and they look rookie at best.

Heres one example (I removed subscriber code number and the php class):

<A HREF="http://imls.mlscompany.com/idx/idx.aspx?Mls=IMLS&Subscriber=1010101010-010101010-10101010">MLS Search</A></TD></TR>

I have a search form on the leftside navigation of the site where a MLS# can be entered and the results will show up in the open-realty main column area. Its a better function than using frames. However the downfall is that if your pluggin in IDX results with the <iframe> tag, you really need to consider the default colors that come with most IDX services. Some can be quite ugly.

just my 2cents.