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04-06-2005, 09:22 AM
can someone tell me how to edit the font size in listingview.php

04-06-2005, 11:20 AM
It is in include/language/english.php. This is how mine looks:

Starting at line 19


$lang['Any_Agent'] = "Any Agent";

$lang['search_by_agent'] = "Agent:";

$lang['browse_all_rentals'] = "Browse All Rentals";

$lang['next_page'] = "Next Page";

$lang['prev_page'] = "Previous Page";

$lang['there_are_currently'] = "<span class=\"style1\">There are currently</span>";

$lang['there_is_currently'] = "<span class=\"style1\">There is currently</span>";

$lang['users_listed'] = "<span class=\"style1\"> users listed.</span>";

$lang['this_is_page'] = "<span class=\"style1\">This is page</span>";

$lang['of'] = "<span class=\"style1\">of</span>";

$lang['user_name'] = "<span class=\"style1\">Name</span>";

$lang['user_password'] = "<span class=\"style1\">Password</span>";

$lang['user_email'] = "<span class=\"style1\">Email</span>";

$lang['user_notes'] = "Notes";

$lang['required_form_text'] = "<span class=\"style1\">Items marked <span class=\"required\">*</span> are required</span>";

$lang['has_been_deleted'] = "has been deleted.";

$lang['back_button_text'] = "Back";

$lang['passwords_cannot_be_blank'] = "Passwords cannot be blank.";

$lang['has_been_updated'] = "has been updated.";

$lang['required_fields_not_filled'] = "You forgot to fill out one of the required fields.";

$lang['update_button'] = "Update";

$lang['listings'] = "<span class=\"style1\">listings</span>";

$lang['listing'] = "<span class=\"style1\">listing</span>";

$lang['again'] = "Again";

$lang['delete'] = "Delete";

$lang['email_example'] = "example@youraddress.com";

$lang['alert_site_admin'] = "There's been a problem -- please contact the <a href=\"mailto:$config[admin_email]\">site administrator</a>";

$lang['dont_forget_http'] = "don't forget the http://";

$lang['login'] = "Log In";

$lang['you_are_logged_out'] = "You are logged out";

$lang['edit_images'] = "Edit Images";

$lang['images'] = "Images";

$lang['image'] = "Image";

$lang['are_you_sure_you_want_to_delete'] = "Are you sure you want to delete?";

$lang['delete_user'] = "Are you sure you want to delete this user and all the listings / records entered by them?";

$lang['thumbnail'] = "Thumbnail";

$lang['height'] = "Height";

$lang['width'] = "Width";

$lang['size'] = "Size";

$lang['you_may_now_login'] = "You may now login";

$lang['you_may_now_edit_your_listing'] = "You may now edit your listing";

$lang['last_modifed'] = "Last Modified";

$lang['listed_by'] = "Listed by";

$lang['return_to_listing'] = "Return to Listing";

$lang['this_listing_has_been_viewed'] = "<span class=\"style1\">This listing has been viewed</span>";

$lang['this_user_has_been_viewed'] = "This user has been viewed";

$lang['times'] = "<span class=\"style1\">times</span>";

$lang['perhaps_you_were_looking_something_else'] = "Perhaps you were look for something else?";

$lang['search_no_results'] = "<span class=\"style1\">Your search returned no results</span>";

$lang['that_match_search'] = "<span class=\"style1\">that match your search criteria</span>";

$lang['featured_listings'] = "Featured Listings";

$lang['click_to_learn_more'] = "Click to learn more...";

$lang['no_user_signup'] = "I'm sorry, but you are not allowed to make an account on this system. If you need an account, please <a href=\"mailto:$config[admin_email]\">email the administrator</a>.";

$lang['this_listing_is_not_yet_active'] = "<span class=\"style1\">This listing is not yet active</span>";

$lang['this_listing_is_not_active'] = "<span class=\"style1\">This listing is not active</span>";

$lang['expiration'] = "Expiration";

$lang['preview'] = "Preview";

$lang['search_listings'] = "<span class=\"style1\">Search Listings</span>";

$lang['per_week'] = "Per Week";

My .style1 is 12px verdana #000000

Hope this helps