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06-27-2003, 09:42 AM
I have a few request.

If you can count and display the staus count for each agent.
Example=> When you click on the agent and it shows all listings by that agent if it could give a summery of how many of his(her) listings or
1) Sold
2) Pending
3) Available


John Brown
. House 1 Sold
. House 2 Sold
. House 3 Pending
. House 4 Available
. House 5 Pending

Track Sold 2 Pending 2 Available 1

Reguest 2

Did anyone work on a way to inset a graphics for the staus
like a sold, available or pendig graphics instead of just words.
I know that someone did it but did not want to share the code.

I tried but it was crap.

Is the someone with a working solution.

More to come.

06-27-2003, 11:03 AM
I am going to put in today a mod where it will stikeout the price and put ehte word sold in red on the listing_browse and listing_view for houses that have been sold. Not exacl what you were looking for but, thought you might want to know i was comming.