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04-17-2005, 05:39 PM

I've just about finished my first vacation listing service, this one is geared towards listing vacations in wales only, i'm offering sections for hotels, b&b's, self catering and camping accomation, i think i have about everything covered.

The site is about 90% together at this time - i have spent the last four days working on it, it still really needs a few minor bugs fixing and a grachical navagation adding the members files, in this case (renters nav).

With this service i'm going to charge 39£(STANDARD) or 99£ (FEATURED) per listing, per year, at first of course i will need to add 10-30 listing myself to make it look as tho poeple are using the service and have payed for listing. At the moment i have sections and areas which are empty, it is a good idea to have at least 1 or 2 listing in each area and for each vacation type.

I really like the listing browse i have done on this site it looks very nice.

i also included a map search which is linked to each region, i really need to create a big map on a page called mapsearch.php to give poeple another option to search instead of just the normal search options and the small map on the left side nav.

i also included a online booking form off the listingview.php, which still needs a bit of sorting out

In the admin section, i have created graphical navigation for all the basic admin options users will see and also on the admin/index.php i have created a overview of the admin features and a simple rundown of ho to create a listing( some poeple are so stupid , you really need to walk them threw the process).

Its still a work in progress which needs a few tweaks here and there, but is turning oit to be a usefull service and reaally shows the power of what OR can do.

04-18-2005, 04:28 AM
if you put two options in the search on the front page there are usually no results, so either have one or the other, or have both and let the user pick one or the other. the search would check to see which field was used and find results based on that. just an idea. its a nice clean design. tabled but ok i guess.

the two part search can be seen here http://cp2.tio.com/~columbia/

04-18-2005, 03:59 PM

I like the layout of your Welsh property site. I rent vacation homes and am looking for a good looking mod for my site. Can you share your mod? Also have you ran across any way to add availability calendar with search to OR?


04-18-2005, 06:47 PM
yeah celeb at the moment there are only 6 listing which i have added, i need to get at least one listing for each region and each vacation type on there so there are no empty results for each selection. i like your search selection, its nice to be able to sort listing buy a certian type, date added or other values like grading of the vacations in my case

sunkiss, i think awd has done a availaty mod to or on one of his sites for renters or vacations, i might be worth sending him a message, i only created a simple booking form with a date picking java script, which is info users will fill out to request info on certian listings.

this is basicly just a site built around OR i can't make it a mod really as there are a few changes and additonl pages adding to this site which are only relevant to holiding in wales

i was thinking of maybe making a complete vacations mod of OR - tariloring it to suit that particular market, as with anything its easy to say yeah i'll do that but finding the time can sometimes be difficult. i'm not sure if anyone already do so, it might be worth looking right threw the forum before starting anything

04-20-2005, 01:24 PM
The ad on the right hand side shoudl read:

Save an additional 20% and not AND

The bottom menu on Netscape 7.02 is weired, 1st line right aligned bottom line left aligned.

Another small detail is:

Cllick on email booking, takes you to the bottom of the page, but the word details is spelt wrong (detials)

The grading images are too big for the page.

But the site is excellant.


04-24-2005, 12:39 AM
i have changed that graphic banner now, totaly overlooked the spelling on that one.

i did also align the first section of text in the bottom nav left then the secound right, i think i'll just align it all center to aviod what u pointed out

i think i have also misspelt the named achor, i'll get that fixed tomorrow, i have been working on other aspects of the site in the last few days, i have put in place a payment processer for listings, reworked the admin back end a bit to make it more users friendly for users and am contuining to clean it up.

i still need to add 20 or so listings added so theres some content, in order for owners of vacations who come along think, thats usefull andd worth paying a advertising fee of 39£ per year.

i have jumped then gun abit and gathered together emails of over 600 vacations in the regions i'm targeting, i cann't really send a email out to get poeple to sign up until its 100% up together, i'm not far off 95% there, the last 5% of development of any project is really what seems to take the most time getting right.

Fiquring for 600 potenial clients that this site highly targets and is usefull for there service/business, i might get 100 to sign up in a couple of weeks if i spend some time writing out a good promotional email to send out to them really selling my service, (that revenue would buy me a nice new computer) but this can not be done until everything is just right - hopfully in the next few days.....

05-10-2005, 07:38 AM
Absolutely Genius