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05-09-2005, 02:55 PM
Hi Guys,

This is directed at the developers of the all-new OR 2, latest Beta.

Rather than keep posting things in the Features Request I want to see a Pay-For-Modifications proposal:

I would like the following capabilities incorporated into OR 2 for a Rentals Matching site that allows a user to either post an Ad with some pics and searchable characteristics (price, bedrooms, neighborhood, etc.) or a prospective Tenant to immediately search for a rental property according to those search criteria:

1. The listingview page with property details has a Next and Previous Navigation header that is dynamically updated so that a user can stay on just one page and click various links to see ONLY the properties that meet his or her criteria by either a just executed search or retrieving a saved Search.

2. Each property in both the browse listing and listing view page have a Cart feature that allows you to add this property to a My Favorites or some such cart. The cart pops up in a separate little window when it is first used and gets refreshed everytime another property is added by a prospective Tenant.

3. When a prospective Tenant has added all the properties he or she wants to the My Favorites cart he or she selects a Contact All button. The email form provides a window for the prospective Tenant to enter an email address with standard email confirmation checking. When this email is sent it will automatically be sent to the contact emails from the My Favorites cart. If 11 Rental ads are in the Cart all 11 contacts will be emailed. The emails will have the return address of the prospective Tenant and a standard message that their property meets certain preferences and that this person would like to correspond with them further about renting. The email would also contain whatever extra text comments the prospective Tenant wanted to add.

4. Before Sending the Contact All email the form will inform the prospective Tenant that instead of using their own email address that they can take a minute to Register and replace their own return email address with a private Rentals website mailbox for privacy protection.

5. At this point they can choose not to immediately register and simply Submit what they have by clicking Send Now.

Upon sending the Contact All email the next window will be an "email sent" confirmation page and offer a chance to Register again. The tenant will be told that the benefits are that their Search profile can be saved for them to retrieve when they return. AND, that Registration will ALSO offer the option to have their email address AUTOMATICALLY notified whenever a NEW AD that corresponds to their saved preferences is put into the database. (this function is built-in now?)

6. The other Registration benefit will be an internal mailbox, if they so choose, so that they don't have to use their own home email address in correspondence. They can communicate entirely inside the site with Rental property owners who have placed Ads. Everytime a new Rentals property Ad is placed that meets their criteria they will be sent an email that tells them to come to the site and take a look by Logging In.

7. The site will have a "I forgot my password function" and allow them to replace a randomly generated password in their Account with their own preference according to the Admin's safe password restrictions.

8. A primary searchable specification will be the Availability Date similar to the Minimum/Maximum Price. A Start date for Availability of the property and, if applicable, an End Date if the property is just seasonally available. Linking this to a popup calendar that writes the fields according to clicking on calendar dates.

To sum up: as a rentals site it offers versatility to both the Rental owner and the prospective Tenant who is searching. Automatic notification of new Ads that meet a Registered Tenant's characteristics. The Rental owner who places an ad has to click or select some pre-determined list options so that they are forced to put in some searchable parameters that will speed up the Tenant search process because the search uses some short values, such as "2" in the "bedrooms" field, rather than conducting an all text search for something like "2 bedrooms".

Sooooo, how much of this sounds doable for OR 2? And, if so, let's talk about the budget.

Thanks so much!