View Full Version : Unable to use unordered list

06-23-2005, 04:43 PM

I am trying to use unordered lists in my ver. 1.1.5 website. I use the <ul> and </ul> tags as well as the <li> </li> tags of course but they do not produce anything.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks for any help


06-26-2005, 10:48 AM
In all the pages that dont need the DB like index.php and legal.php should it work normal, see default index.php that come with the script.

In common.php you can ad html codes for listings for your page, change yes to no;

$config['listings_per_page'] = 10; //number of listings to show on one page:
$config['add_linefeeds'] = 'yes'; // convert returns to line feeds? yes or no
$config['strip_html'] = 'yes'; // Should HTML be stripped out of listings? yes or no
$config['allowed_html_tags'] ='<a><b><i><u><br>'; // which html tags can a person input?
$config['money_sign'] = '$'; // default is dollars, but it could be "£" for pounds or "€" for euros
$config['show_no_photo'] = 'yes'; // if a listing doesn't have a photo, should it use the /images/nophoto.gif instead?
$config['number_format_style'] = '1'; // support for international numbering format. See the documentation for details

Marten :)