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07-12-2005, 12:28 PM
I am using OR 2.0.0

I want to make an addon for a vacation rental by owner. I know there is a 1.5 script that does similar, but basically all I want if for the basic framework to be done, not the full final site. I’d like to take the basic framework you develop and then do more on my own. The template to use should be the default install of OR2. i.e. independent from template. Basically everything that I need to do should occur in the addon and not in any of the core or template pages (if that is possible). I should be able to add these features into existing pages by using a tag.

There is a master plan about why I want to use a separate table instead of renaming/adding fields to the listings db. I want listings db to remain as it is and the listings editor to still edit it as it is with no changes to that part of the process..

This is what would be required of addon:

1) on install of addon
-create a new table in OR database named VRDATA with the following fields:
listingID (key field that would be same as OR listingDB to link the tables)
agent_id (same as in OR)
sleeps: numeric field
description1: text field ~1000characters
description2: text field ~1000characters
option1: yes/no field checkbox
option2:yes/no field checkbox
option3:yes/no filed checkbox

-Populate the table for all existing properties filling in listing id, agentid and default values in other fields.

2) a tag named {vr_owner_edit} (not sure, use tag or page???? Your call about what’s best)
Display a page that allows an AGENT to edit the property information. This page is basically the same as the listings editor page that has the upload pictures and create virtual tour, etc…. BUT the page is hardcoded with just the fields I want. This page may be edited by by the logged in agent only if it is his page.

Desired fields shown are:
From listingsdb: Title, address, type, city, state, zip, neighborhood,beds,baths, home features, community features.
From the VRDATA: show all fileds.

The owning Agent may edit all of these and when submit/cancel etc…the proper databases are updated.

3) A new Listing PageDisplay similar (but seperate from) the current listing page and show the same fields ad in (2).

4) A new search page that would search by VRDATA:sleeps AND listingsdb:CITY. User selects sleeps from dropdown 1 to 20 and selects city from list of currently entered cities in db. Then do search and show listing results.

5)Listing results page that is similar to existing but adds column for “sleeps” and “option 1,2,3 as checked/notchecked.

6)On de-install of addon: delete the table VRDATA from database.

----That’s it!!--

I have a budget that is limited, and I am willing to provide this code and whatever modifications I make to it back to the community.

If interested, email to jacmgr@yahoo.com


07-15-2005, 09:39 AM
Maybe no interest? By limited budget, I mean up to $200. If you could not do it all as described above, maybe you'd be intereted in some of it for $200. i.e., items 1 and 2 only, or 1,2,6 or 1,2,6,3? I'd also be willing to pay for example code and notes of simialr ideas that would guide me into how to do each of the 6 items.

Email me and we can work something out.

John Del Ferro (jacmgr@yahoo.com)

07-15-2005, 10:41 PM
If you have no interest from programmers here have you thought of posting your request on one of the popular freelancer coder sites, i have posted a couple of projects for various solutions and have been literally flooded with poeple willing to do the work...

heres a couple of links of interest

very good

looks good

from google

07-15-2005, 11:08 PM
Yes, I posted yesterday on www.getacoder.com. I rcvd "proposals" but none have ever done RO.

I really appreciate your advice. Maybe you can give me some more advice?

1) Of the sites you listed do you think there are any developers who have some RO2 experience?

2) If the coder knows a little about RO2 or RO1.5, is my expectation out of line with my available budget?


07-15-2005, 11:20 PM
obvisouly the best OR coders are here :)

but theres some good programers out there who will work for peanuts....

finding them and getting that finshed project to completion can be hard work tho, maybe try stating in your posts to freelancer sites, only poeple with the required skills, in this case OR required, i'm guessing any pro coder could do what you what even without previous OR experiance or Work.

To be honest 200$ isn't alot of money you might be lucky to get someone for that price if there from india or russia

but you pay for what you get, if you creating a product for example you want to sell out at 99$ a throw, you can't expect to get quailty code built for under $1000, maybe you could , but the 2 products placed side by side whould be uncomparable

07-15-2005, 11:44 PM
I don't have any pricing or selling in mind. If it turns out that folks would pay for it, that would be nice, but this is just a hobby for me mostly and I wouldn't be able to provide support if someone bought it! My wife will kill me if my hobby takes away from our real jobs and lives!!

Getting over the initial OR hump of a small example of how update the OR database from an addon and add/delete a new table from the addon, and a query that fetches fields from the OR and my new table in the addon using OR methods.

So we'll see how the online coder sites do. If no bites, then I'll be giving it go myself using straight SQL.

Thankx, I'll let you know how it turns out. And if I do get something useful, I'll share it here.


07-16-2005, 01:18 AM
Actually aside from some of the unconventional database design your project is not all that complicated. It is, however, quite "one off" as all or the db work could be easily achieved within the existing structure. Enough about that.

It might just be worth your while to give it a go yourself instead of hiring it out to someone who has not worked with this script and is willing to do it for $200. Beware on that issue. Working in straight mysql will produce a significantly faster and more efficient executing script any way. As of version 2.05 you will be able to template your addons so I understand. If not I will provide you the small code change to make that happen. If you do decide to do it yourself and run into any snags feel free to contact me. Sorry I cannot take this one for the exercise but I have had to take C#.NET projects to pay the rent.

07-16-2005, 09:19 AM
I have a rental application that only has 4 tables. I too am trying to get it integrate with OR. Problem is tha pp has fields called "properties" and OR has fields called "listings". I don't want to change all the scripts for the Rental package as it works fine on it;s own.
I tried changing the rentalscripts from properties to listing but screwed somethin up somewhere along the line.
I was wanting to seel the app for around USD15...If I can get it working would that price be reasonable for other or'ers?